Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Small Scrap Give-away

Winds are howling outside. It seemed like a perfect day to stay inside and continue cleaning the house in an ongoing effort to Clear, Cleanse and Consecrate. Today, I add another word ORGANIZE

After reading Rexie's post about the construction of a new shelf for her fabrics and quilting supplies on her blog:, I decided to go through my containers and do some organizing. 

I look for fabrics to match something I am quilting, when I am finished cutting off what I need, I tend to toss it back on one of the containers. Ideally, the leftover could be cut into squares or strips for different containers that I have ready for other quilts.

As I sorted them again, I realized that my issue about this is that I don't allow myself to be clear about the pieces. I don't know what I want to do with them, how or if they will continue to be useful.

Other times when I have organized papers or closets, I run up against the same issue, questioning whether or not the item is still of service to me or will be of any good use. So much depends upon the stage of my spiritual, mental or emotional evolution in that moment.

Letting go of anything is a challenge when we are surrounded by a scarcity mentality. Its infectious when people fear for their next paycheck, next meal, next good night's sleep, next moment of peace.

We are challenged to believe that something good will come along, and that it is ok to release things that do not serve us. Same with material and scraps of material. I believe that when I release something, anything, like the flow of energy, another thing that I need or want more will take its place.

If you want and can make use of a bag of small scraps, leave a comment after this post with a way for me to contact you (your email address) and get your snail mail addy. Because I have not offered a give-away before, common sense tells me to put an end date to the offer, which will be December 5, 2013. That way, I can get it into the mail by the following Monday.

I think its time for me to pass along some of the small fabric pieces, squares and strips I have that are perfectly good and will make sweet additions to someone else's quilting project.