Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Secret Solids / Arrows

Two size Arrow blocks were posted for the next blocks. I got both done and the longer of the two added to the first block.

The designer also released Flying Geese blocks but I didn't make them. Maybe tomorrow. I think they might be for borders. She wants us to do 4. I am holding off because of the scrap factor. It is likely that there will be scraps from the blocks and I would like to wait before cutting more of them. She suggested adding background white to either top and/or bottom some fabric to make it fit to the first block. I did that and am calling it done for today.

I always am challenged by the pointing things, and although I get how to do them, sometimes the points get lost. I know that most non-quilters won't even see the difference, so I've stopped stressing about getting them perfect. I try, but hey.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

BOM #6 for Merry & Bright

This block is a blue star. It is joined on either side by the setting blocks and waits for the next one to complete the row.

I've gone onto the Secret Solids quilt. This month's block is an Arrow, and done in 2 sizes. There is also a bonus block of Flying Geese, and because there are 4 sets, I guess they will be used as part of a border. All this is busy, behind the scenes work. It takes time and yet, there is nothing to show as they go along.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Merry & Bright BOM

The numbers to the blocks in this quilt pattern are already confusing. I've finished 6 of them, plus 18 setting blocks. I've joined some of those into the first two rows.

Its going to be a busy quilt with a secondary pattern created by the setting blocks. I decided to join the rows so that when a new block is issued, I can be more mindful of colors that work. The peppermint red & white stripe fabric almost looks pink. I was afraid it would look patriotic and now it looks pink, for crying out loud.

The designer admits to not having a plan in mind, so its as much a mystery to her as for those of us working it. Mine is a scrap quilt so I can use what I have. The biggest part WAS in getting enough fabric to do the 18 setting blocks, so now the rest of it should be relatively easy.

At first I thought I might redo earlier blocks and now think they are fine. There will be a total of 17 of them. How they come out as patterns is going to work, and how they come out as colors will work. Sometimes working the mystery is like living life. There are choices. There are natural consequences to the choices. And one hopes they learn from both the choice and the consequence. Its not done til its over. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Setting Squares

What a surprise to get 18 setting squares. I have used setting triangles when the blocks were set on point or at a diagonal. This is different.

The quilt designer has no real plan. Originally, she said their would be 17 blocks. She gave fabric requirements and then just before this part, she suggested people go out and buy more of certain fabrics. Well, I am pulling from scraps. So, it meant trying to figure out how much it would take to make 18 blocks the same. I couldn't do it.

Instead of using the light blue in the 9-patch centers, I had to select another fabric. Gahhh. It seemed to me that it was more patriotic than holiday. Stripes and stars with the angels. And this was not an easy task because the designer did not say how many of the squares were to be cut. I have a lot of the darker blue so went for those squares first, then the longer light blue parts and finally the 4 striped blocks in the center. 

Cut, piece press, pin again and piece, press.

Well, they are done and I decided to piece the BOMs as they get released and not try to vary how it goes together. I am using holiday fabric scraps and yet, so much is left. I will try to work blues in as I can so it seems to make sense and the first blocks are done, so I call them done and will not remake them.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Secret Solids BOM

I got to last month's BOM before the new one is issued later this week. I would have liked more contrast between the light and dark, but it was such a challenging block that I am declaring it done.

It has so much to do with color selections, but then not knowing how they will be placed is another part of the mystery. And I am using stash. That is huge. It moves what I have in very creative ways. The background fabrics are all the white tone on tone I could gather. They don't show up as strong in real time or real life, and yet you see it in the pic. So very interesting.

I don't know how this one will finish or what will be left of the various fabrics. I think about borders, and don't want to buy another fabric but am thinking about using the leftovers in scrappy borders to give it a pop and keep the concept. I don't want to make large quilts any more so need to be mindful of how that all works.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Well, here I am getting nervous about how the mystery quilt will look. Today's step uses a template that gets cut out of more of the light fabric. It seems like there is a lot of use of that light fabric and yet, there is a lot of the medium and dark too. I will keep going with it and bet it will be simply stunning. 

I worked hard at selecting yellows for this that were true to yellow. Now I have to trust those choices and just get it done. This pic shows the dark and the light so there is enough contrast in my opinion for what I don't know about how it will turn out. 

We never know how something will look, whether it is a quilt or our lives. I've been trying to embrace the grief work... grieving my aging and its not easy. Its like accepting any loss. A lost love, a lost job. And you cannot run away from either losses. When I hear people talk about their losses, I get it. I've gone through most of it. Divorce. Empty nest. Deaths. This is different. Its personal. It effects health, stamina, energy, passion. So much. No one told me about getting older. Or if they did, I wasn't listening. Its not funny. Someone said I should write about it and be funny. I am not funny. This is not funny. 

I found a notebook that I started some time ago with the attempt to deal with the grief. No date on it so who knows how long this has been going on? Grief comes & goes. Simple triggers bring it on. I don't like working with my quilts unless I feel really positive. However, this is where I am at. With all this yellow, I am working with bright colors & for a bright grrrlie-grrl's graduation gift. Interesting, too, is that the notebook cover is yellow. Ah well, I move forward.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Step 3-Larger Triangles

While I like chain piecing because it saves thread and time, doing these blocks has been tedious work. It is efficient, so I just tuck it up and do it.

Again, the pattern wasn't all that clear on the piecing part. It gave how many squares to be cut, and only showed one side of the piecing for this larger triangle, and left few words or instructions for completing the triangle. I'm not whining. I just find following this pattern hard and am grateful that others in the group were ahead of me so I could see what needed to be done.

When the blocks are made, the final steps will simply assemble them. That part will be easy. I need to keep doing this because setting it aside as a UFO would be deadly to the work. It is a hard quilt so far. Well. Tedious. 

There are other BOMs to do, but until this top is made, I don't want to put any of them under my needle. Its sort of interesting to me so see how I work now; preferring to finish a project before starting others. That wasn't how I worked in the past. In the past, I would have several going at once for the variety. I can see how I want to shift to other projects, but stay with one of them til it is finished.