Sunday, January 20, 2019

Scrappy Back for Merry & Bright

My math skills are not good. Funny because this is really simple addition.

I have a piece of blue and green that is just short of the top measurement. Then, add a 3" overlay (that's 6" top/bottom and 6" for the sides). I thought I made a huge dent in the holiday fabrics, and there is still so much left over.

I have to measure the strips for the length first. The width is 4" which takes away half an inch for piecing. Its worth trying.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Merry & Bright Top

It has taken me a lot of time to finish the Test Quilt, and I am under a promise not to reveal it, so cannot upload the pic. Needless to say, it was a surprise that I am shaking my head over and over. How lovely it turned out. I put it in a container where it can sit until the regular quilters finish. At that time, I will add the border, batting, back, quilting and binding.

Trying to catch up to my other projects. I finally finished the Merry and Bright scrap BOM.  All the BOMs or Quilt-Alongs are Mystery quilts. One never knows the end product. 

And by using scraps from my stash, it is a lot of work to make it work. 

While you cannot tell, there was not enough of the light blue to make the first border. I used a different fabric on the top and bottom rows to make it work. Then, the dark blue. I measured and consulted a calculator for borders and cut away. There was enough left on the 2/3 to make the borders half an inch larger. Maybe. It is nice. It is fine.

My plan for the back is to use a larger piece cut to extend 3" beyond the final top measurements. I'll make a scrappy middle of the sections. Just not today. I need to be done for today and happy with my finishes.


Thursday, January 10, 2019

A New Goal

Quilting/making the numbers gave me an idea for this year. On so many of the quilting lists, quilters complain about how recipients of baby quilts are unappreciated. The last baby shower I went to, the Mother received 9 blankets. Most were store-bought, but then, also came with a lot of extras that the home-made quilt lacked. They were 'pretty'. Baby blankets are an easy shower or baby gift. 

AND people don't say thank you in this era. Quilters are often appalled when their quilts are given to animals or seem to get dragged around. Non-quilters do not understand the long hours and hard work that goes into a quilt. Animals are a part of our family and LOVE quilts. I gave up waiting for a thank you, & ensure each quilt has a signature request from UPSP.

Anyway, this year, I decided to ask parents if they wanted a quilted piece for their preschooler, and if they had a specific idea of what the kidlet might like. It will be interesting to see if anyone responds. My email is: 

I am looking for the kidlet's name, age/birthday, and any suggestions as to what they might like. I have a few ideas that are age appropriate, and do not care about gender.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Quilted Teaching Tool

One of the families out here has a little 2-year-old grrrl. Both her parents are literally Rocket Scientists out at Edwards Airforce Base. The Dad wants her to know her numbers and has been using the reward of a cookie if she does them. She's 2. Anyway, one should never criticize a parent. Instead, I made these numbers. 

One layer is cotton with iron-on stiffening, 2 pieces of batting and the back is flannel so it can go on her flannel board. I am not good with reading patterns, and don't plan to make another set. The pattern said to trace the lines on the right side of the cotton, and to cut the cotton out with a pinking sheer. I didn't do either suggestion and so created more work for myself, and a blister on my finger from cutting through 4 layers with the pinking sheer.

The 6 is on yellow fabric which is darker than it shows in the pic. I didn't really coordinate the fabrics and yet like how they turned out.

Back to the tester quilt blocks.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Working Day

I am writing this from my IPad and am still learning.

Its funny how much time I’ve been spending piecing, pinning, pressing, selecting fabrics. I pulled fabrics out to cut Fat Quarters for a Valentine swap, pressed them and got them ready to mail. I did kitchen things, Cat things. Worked on those ongoing projects. Then I drove to the grocery store for creamer and picked up a prescription at the pharmacy. 

Nothing to show. By 3:30, I knew I needed to stop and did. I found myself waving off a confusing project, and knew it was better to start again tomorrow. I turned on You Tube and watched documentaries. I learn a lot, relax my body and enhance my curiosity.

I learned that Prince Phillip would have been King of Greece, yet married the soon to be Queen of England. His Mother, Princess Alice, was a radical royal much like Diana decades later. Her good works were simply unacceptable to the royals. Interesting story. In another documentary, I learned more about Fascism. I am still thinking. As I said, I learned.

I also listened to an audiobook from the Crime genre. This one also takes place in LA.

Yes, there was quilting. 

And now, I am climbing under that weighted blanket to sleep the night away.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Bought Fabric

Now this is a huge step for me. I bought fabric for a quilt I plan to keep. It wasn't on sale and it wasn't cheap. I spent time in the quilt shop looking at what I needed, looking around and chatting. A very different experience for me on all levels.

On some levels shopping has been always difficult. I hated spending money on myself when my Sons were young. However, now, its just me. Old habits still cling. But when I first saw this quilt finished, it was the first pattern I ever wanted to make for myself. It is a dark blue sky for night with snowflakes falling. At the bottom is a snow scene with trees. This is where one can adapt to a specific finish. It cannot be scrapped out. Fabric had to be purchased.

At first I wanted to get enough fabric to make two and give one to my Nephew. But suddenly, it got pricey. I know I can get fabric on sale and stopped myself. I'll do this one and if it works easily, I will do one for my Nephew.

Today is a New Moon and an eclipse, which signals to some that 2019 will be a different kind a year. It is blowing like heck outside, and someone said its going to snow today here, and rain tomorrow in LA. Well, it is Winter.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Dragging my Feet

I cut all squares for the tester quilt, pinned and am ready to piece. Early this morning, I finely chopped coconut and toasted it, and also grated lime peel for that cookie. Then I chopped apricots for biscotti. Two cookie preps for baking. I want to ship half of each to my dear friend in Minnesota for her bday.

I went back into the Facebook archives to find the list of people who asked for quilts, and made a hard copy list. I might be a little obsessive about them, yet, everything on the list here is exactly true for me. Guess I am not the only one. I have a notebook my Cousin sent me that she had. Its Italian made and has a softened hard cover and that ribbon-type of bookmark. I use it almost every day and it holds lists and notes and scratches, clips, add-in pages, ripped pages. Definitely a good gift. Thanks again, PK.

Well, nothing will get done if I don't get up and do it. So on with my day!!!