Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March BOM

This is my third and probably last attempt at this block. I did not see how the pattern would work as a 12.5" raw block and was correct. When I make the sashing for that quilt, it can frame the shorter block a bit more so it blends in perfectly.

I am not interested in making yet another one so it goes in the bin with a note-to-self reminding me to ease more onto it. I did play with the layout so the stripe would go the same direction and it looks just fine.

I worked a bit more on the next comfort quilt by loading bobbins and stitching a few lines on it. I am still taking it easy and binge watched more of the BBC SHERLOCK series. I am not willing to push myself this week knowing that company is coming soon.

Monday, March 19, 2018

No Contrast Quilt

Most quilts that I make, and others make, have contrast so you can see the pattern. This quilt was one of the hardest I made because there was little contrast and in fact, the fabrics used had the same value.

The other reason why it was difficult is that much of the fabric was cut on the bias so it had the tendency to stretch. It is the kind of quilt that can be folded and lay over a sofa and not be noticed. Yet, the function of a comfort quilt is that you can cuddle under it and let it help generate the heat you need in the moment.

Power is scheduled to go on and off during the day, so I am not sure what I will be able to do here. I have a few projects that need cutting and pinning, so that might be what I target. And I will use natural lighting to read. A quiet day.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Having a HouseCleaner

Hiring a person to come in for a one-day clean gave me a chance to hand sew all the binding on a quilt going out this week. Picture to follow later. I've had various people come in to help with chores over the years, and this time was no exception. 

The groin muscle strain I have is in the Adductor Brevis as indicated in this chart, and it is going to take time to heal. Pain refers down the front of my leg as well as in back on the buttock and spine. I saw my favorite Chinese Doctor, who prescribed some simple stretches after giving me a comprehensive massage. Resting is going to the be the hardest part of recovery, however, with guests coming during Spring Break, I have little options.

The housecleaner did all the floors in the great room, cleaned the entry (washer and dryer), and washed the living room window. I am able to do the simple tasks, but she did great deep cleaning of the floors to the floorboards and corners. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Disappearing Pinwheel

My second attempt at this block wasn't much better than the first. I tried to use up a skull fabric someone gave me and cut it 18" square. I thought it would work as part of the exchange for The Morrigan swap because She is very into Death. 

However, it is more of a Day of the Dead fabric, so I may set it aside to finish at another time. It actually turned out better than I thought.

Friday, March 16, 2018

When we Bind

Binding is the first thing that wears on a quilt, so I was taught to keep the stitching thread shorter in the event that it breaks. This way, only a small section comes loose.

For quilting, the act of adding a binding is securing the energy I put into the quilt. It is one of my favorite parts of quilt-making. It protects the quilt sandwich (top-batting-back) from coming apart, and it strengthens the quilt and makes it something that can stand use, and sometimes abuse. 

In legal terms, binding places those making a contract accountable, with actions that are either required or prohibited, depending upon the language of the contract.

What I did, that doesn't include photos is to cut the 2.5" strips, join them, press them wrong sides together, pin & stitch them onto the quilt. The power company is turning off the power on Monday. Maintenance of some sort. So I am saving the next steps to the binding for then.

It will need to be rolled over, clipped and stitched in place. Also, the quilt will need a label and loose threads clipped. Monday.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Spring Mug Rugs

I joined an exchange on Swap Bot for Spring Air and went looking for an idea or pattern for Birds on Mug Rugs. Its surprising how many ideas there were. I selected one from a blog named Samelia's Mum. Of course, what I liked about the pattern is that I could use scraps from my closet.

It was quite simple to make and the pattern suggested making two of the same fabrics to make the best use of them. The hardest part for me, when I do scrap quilting is to find fabrics that coordinate. Her examples were a lot more wild with more contrast between the bird and background than I ended up making, yet, I like them.

I picked up the low contrast quilt and it was long-armed beautifully. I've trimmed it now & need to measure out for binding and hope I can continue with what is here. The power company is doing work on Monday and it might be the perfect day to hand sew binding.

Got outside to weed. With all the soaking rains we've had, weeds pulled up easily. I will get at more of it tomorrow. I hired a one-time house cleaner to come in over the weekend to mop floors, the entry & hall bathroom, as well as clean the big picture window inside & out. There is still enough to do to get ready for my Spring Break company.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Round Three

I've never made a Medallion Quilt so joined a mystery BOM and pulled out larger scraps to make this one. This month, the portion of it had us make four corners in the form of tulips.

I don't have many solids in my stash so the small background piece I used has gold stars on it. The green fabric also is a 'dotty' print. The block came half an inch short on each block so I added a small border to one side to make them all measure 6.5".

I used to worry about that accuracy and came to realize that quilts are made with small pieces of fabric sewn together, so additional piecing is ok. And especially because they ALL needed the additional strip in the same place. It looks like it was planned.

This is what working a mystery is all about. You go with what you have, get surprised and learn to adapt to what is thrown at you.