Friday, July 12, 2019

Watermelon MR

Ive assembled a simple 3” patch mug rug, and kept it. When I bought a simple watermelon fabric,  it seemed like it would work for binding.

So I am working on it. The patches are front and back and will sit on my dining room table just fine. While it seems like a big step to keep something for myself, it is still something I rejected to give others.

I’ve been working on the mini quilt for a swap. The theme is Summer vacation. The size must be larger than 9x22. First, the design. Then, fabric selection. Next, the cuts. As it is I sewed 10 buttons on, numbered them with a permanent marker. They need to be trimmed and some of them joined. I will have to re-draft measurements at that point for better results. Right now, those 10 pieces are rough though I do have a plan. No pics yet.

The Solid BOM project is at least 6 steps behind the group and is next on my to-do list. I want to get this half pieced to make good color choices for the rest of it. All of it is scrap quilting.

It would be so nice to get some of these storage boxes put back in the closet. I think clutter slows me down. I need order around me so I can be creative.  Right now, my mind races as I think about changes, ideas, patterns, colors.

The Bug Jar mini would be perfect for a person who likes them, but might freak out a person who doesn’t. I’ll just keep it awhile.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Mini Quilts

I finished two mini quilts last night. Inspiration comes from one the swap groups I am in.  Sometimes I laugh at how many pieces of fabric I have.  One of the health groups I am in speaks about the lack of motivation from a dopamine deficiency because of an inflammation. Well, I’ve been dealing with this since the first part of the year and have been finding mysel less able or willing to do much.

Anyway, I push myself a lot these days.

The theme this month is Summer Vacation. I made this w

 All hanging for my Granddaughter ‘s Stepchild, whom I consider my Great-granddaughter. She is a pitcher in a fast-ball league. She is 12. When I was back in MN, I was able to attend two games, both of which her team won.

It was a very peaceful evening to sit on lawn chairs and marvel at how these young women played. Families came out to watch. What surprised me more than anything is the extremely high cost of participation. Why heck, a decent bat  runs from $350 to $500.! Other gear is the shoes, hats, shirts, socks, helmets, and gloves. Families travel many stay at hotels, potluck and cheer on the girlies.

The swap mini is a bug jar pattern. After making it, I changed my mind. I sewed butterfly buttons on it as well as one flower button. It is echo stitched, bound and has a dowel attached in back for hanging. I wouldn’t hang it, so why expect someone else to? I sent my partner an email telling her I planned to make a different one.

At this point, I don’t know what I will do with this one. I’ll head out to the P.O. this morning and get the baseball one sent.

Another thing I did yesterday was to press, layout and join some blocks for my next BOM I want to catch up to. It is being made from solids in my stash! And most likely will be lasrger than I plan.

Whether or not I am wiped by chance or by choice, I am pushing myself to do something more each day.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Mug rugs

these swaps have been fun. While the colors aren’t working in the pic, they actually look good. I made two for this swap because my partner is the group admin. Like me, she doesn’t want or need more supplies. Like me, she doesn’t make for herself.

This is a new pattern style for me with a center focus. My partner asked for blues and whites, and the Summer one I made was more teal or aqua.

This style is easy to make.

If you have been aware, Southern Cali is having Earthquakes right now. One just now. Non destructive to this house, so I can a little cavalier about it. Though I am aware.

I have been working to catch on the projects and am actually feeling better now. That means I will attempt to blog more often too.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

New Swaps

Besides the simple BOM Orange swap, the Table Runner, the Mini Quilts, I signed up for Summer Mug Rugs and a Summer Pincushion. Crazy.

I tried one of those easy Mason Jar tops. Couldn’t do it. So I went browsing for patterns. Watermelon is one of my favorite Summer fruits. It seemed easy enough.

First, it called for felt scraps. I spent time looking and drove off to town. $1.90 per cut. Then to find threads. Easy part done.

I’ve developed Essential Tremor. Both hands now. Keeping even stitches is a challenge.  This was a test, I guess.

I planned to make two different Mug Rugs. And because I don’t do assembly work, they are different though the same. This swap was assigned tonight, so I ca assemble extras and ship it off this week.

Funny thing, my partner likes the idea of appliqué as well as bright colors so, she will be happy. I went back into group archives to see what extras she might like.

Both projects gave me a sense of accomplishment.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Twin Log Cabin

Just need to do a final check before shipping. Good to have it done so I can get back to smaller projects.

I am more aware projects need to be smaller. Last night I made copies of various BOM patterns and swap ideas. This is a lovely quilt and I do hope my friend likes it. I am glad to have it finished. 

I have learned, finally, that people simply don’t get the quilting process. We live in a culture where things walls, carpet, sofas.

Quilts are not about matching.

Quilts are different for people. What the quiltmaker creates is her vision. What a person receives is compared to what they can buy online, at Macy’s or Walmart for $50. A handmade quilt is worth hundreds or even thousands.

Well, I am off to do what I can.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Sending Mail

I sent 2 pieces of mail out for swaps. And one block from a swap came

Of course the Baseball mini went. This is the table runner, scrappy. I like the pattern and know how it works better. This is actually prettier than it photographs. The back is the same green print and while it is there, the binding is that dark purple.

I’ve never used table runners so this is new. In this house, I have a long redwood picnic table in the dining room. Table runners are perfect for it.

I also ordered the ‘deal of the day’ from MSQC because they let us order 2...they are charm packs so my plan is to use them in a lap quilt. It looked like Fall colors, and if so, then will go to one of the grandkids as a Hallows quilt. I will buy coordinating Hallows fabric for back and borders. This is an easy quilt to make. I will need six.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

I Love Baseball

One of the swaps I joined was a mini quilt swap. Each month is a new theme. This month, for June, is I LOVE AMERICA.

I have a scrap of baseball fabric and made this. There is a sleeve on the back, laying quite flat so it could serve as a tabletop. I can’t think of a better theme. My entire family loves baseball.

Years ago when the Twins were in the World Series, my siblings and I got tickets for home games. We met at Brothers’s house, walked a block to the bus stop and stood in the aisle,hanging onto poles and laughing. Good memories.

I have a bit more of the fabric and may make a couple more of these as gifts.

I finished machine quilting the Log Cabin, and am clipping threads. It is trimmed for binding, and extra fabric for it. Thing is, it will need to wait til I return from my trip.