Saturday, February 17, 2018

Pink Stripe Comfort Quilt Finish

I really enjoyed this stripe quilt. Channel stitching using the strip top made it look so nice on the back. Its a perfect size for a personal lap quilt.

It goes to my eldest Cousin's Daughter. 
From what I under-stand, children of a Cousin are actually called First Cousins Once Removed. And then they would be Second Cousins to my Sons and in this case, are in the same generation. In any case, the quilt gets shipped out today.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Crow Moon Prayer Flag

Although I am working on two quilts, I needed to make a prayer flag for one of the SwapBot exchanges hosted by someone else. I go to the PO in the morning and wanted it ready.

Then of course, I had it wrapped for shipping so needed to pull it apart to take a photo. People do not realize the visual difference between a Crow and a Raven is how their tails look. A Crow's tail is fan-shaped and a Raven's tail is a wedge. I fanned out the tail here and although there is a wedge characteristic to it, the Raven tail is definitely flatter than this image.

I am machine quilting the pink strip quilt for one of my Cousins and am almost done. It won't be ready to ship until next week. And the cutting, pinning, piecing, pressing continues on the low contrast quilt. Lots of time left on that one.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Basting Morning

It was mighty cold outside this morning, so the clubhouse walk was brisk. Several of the quilt projects are ready for basting and then machine quilting, so while the low contrast quilt is taking a lot of time, I decided to baste a small nap size quilt, meant for one of my Cousins.

She is a career military person, so I was surprised when she asked for pink. I baste with natural light in the clubhouse, so didn't realize the blinds were closed for the night before. It was ok for me but the pic is dark.

Pink is a heart chakra color. I don't use a lot of it for projects, but pulled together 2.5" strips for this one. Yes, there is red and burgandy, but I think it adds a bit of interest. I plan to channel quilt this using the lines of the strips as a guide.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Moody Mornings

I finished the second row of the Mood Quilt, which is actually a block of the day that goes all year long.

With 2 rows done, it is pressed and set aside so the next row can be done independently. Like my life, it is a little scrappy. I don't want to have intentional patterns, colors or layout. It needs to be what it is like my life. Scrappy.

Then I finished another 10 blocks to the low contrast quilt. That means There are 50 out of the 80 in the pattern. I try to just cut what is next. When I get the 80 done, I might use whatever is left for one of the borders just because it is easier to use it than try to add something else to the top. I am also leaning toward getting it long-armed.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

40 - Halfway There

The low contrast Snail's Trail quilt is time consuming and tedious. When I got the two fabrics, I cut them into 10" WOF strips; then the second cuts made 10" squares, with the third cuts at 5" x 10" rectangles. Half of those were cut into 5" squares and then cut on a diagonal. The other half were made into two 2.5" squares, 1.2" strips, and two 3.5" squares.

It is slow going. Like a snail, I guess.

It does give me time to connect with the losses that I know Aunt passed last December, and the familiar dog just passed. There have been the losses of relationships both intimate and family separations. And more pending that I know about, and many others that I do not know.

As I work, my hands receive & pour in healing, healing & more healing. I have no right to fix anything, as if one could. All I can do is pour in healing light, add healing comfort of my love, & my hope for healing the restoration of joy.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Doing the Work

I got back to the low contrast snail's trail quilt. It is so much cutting, pinning, piecing, pressing, pinning, piecing, pressing over and over. The pattern calls for 80 blocks and I might be working on the 20-30 stack.

It is my intention to keep this one out because, even with notes-to-self it is confusing. I want to trace some things onto the iron-on for machine quilting some mug rugs and have one that needs the binding finished. 

What I find is that sometimes, I need to keep doing what the project asks for and work to completion of it. This is one of those times.

Friday, February 9, 2018


I joined a Floral BOM as a tester and as a designer. I took the month of November. The block I want to 'design' is a Ms. Santa. I have been looking at two options. One is a Santa block from Quilters Cache and the other is a paper pieced  Sun Bonnet Sue. The hard suggestion for this BOM is that every block needs to have a floral fabric in it somewhere.

I pulled out a 2.5 yard floral from my stash and also gathered all the holiday florals. It is my intention to make two different as a tester and one just as a participant. I bought a green to go with the floral and pulled a white and a yellow too. 

Then the day has been spent cutting, pinning, piecing and pressing on the low contrast comfort quilt.