Tuesday, July 17, 2018

BOM for July

I am caught up with most of the BOMs. I worked on this one called Broken Dishes this morning.
Two quilt-along BOMs will go to various people in my life who expressed a desire to receive a quilt from me. They are scrap quilts and each block will be a color combo specific to the pattern and month. Nothing will 'match' in the truest sense of the word. I remember one of my quilting teachers telling me that the more colors and fabrics in a quilt, the more people will find what they want to match their environment.

What I am doing is laying out the blocks when I start selecting fabrics for the next one so that I am using something different. The electrician who was here this morning said he just gave away a lot of fabric. Seriously, I breathed a sigh of relief because I want desperately to use up what I have here now. For as many quilts as I have made, it surprises me how much fabric is still in the bins. Its getting harder because there is less and less, but making THESE BOMs as scrap blocks helps so very much.

I pulled out the few books and magazines still on a shelf and plan to revisit the patterns to see if there is something I might still want to make. In truth, there are a number of projects listed on the blog side-bar that need completing first. Hard for me not to start new things. I am that quadruple Aries, which brings a real desire for new.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Mystery Surprise

I say this all the time that mystery quilts stress me out and then they become so beautiful. If only I could get this lesson in life...trust the process, trust the choices, trust myself. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

This is the first medallion quilt I've made. I pulled fabrics out that coordinated and then struggled with the pattern maker's choices of using red. I used red in the very center and kept grumbling about it from that moment forward. She used reds and blues.

Then, this last round asked for a small center square. I decided to bring the red back in for the 3.5" corner Shoofly blocks. It worked. I understand that there is more to come, and I am quite content with how this looks right now. It stretched me.

I am not sure why it was a challenge. Something new? Something beyond my skills? The mystery component is also interesting in as much as it is a symbol of trust.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Step 7 Medallian Quilt

There is quite a bit to this step, and so it is a work in progress. Until I get the step done, I decided to forego photos. As a Sunday with very high heat, I did get outside to water plants and did not do any weeding or otherwise work in the garden. I added water to the fountain and used the weed blower to clean off the South porch where fallen birdseed gathers. The high school grad comes early in the morning.

Then, I went to a concert in the park where a Celtic Blue Grass band was playing under the trees. There was a breeze for a little while and I made it through the first set. Such high heat makes me run for the AC. 

So the week is started. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hallows Scrap Back

I bought more of the black and finished the back of the Hallows Log Cabin. I also bought a gingerbread colored brown to make mug rugs. There is an actual practice called CHRISTMAS IN JULY among fabric artists, who buy their materials in June and have already got projects going.

Here I am with a Hallows quilt and still need to baste, machine quilt and bind it. It is only a couple of inches larger than the top but will work as long as I take time during the basting process to line it up. There are lines on both sides so it is essential that they do line up and if they go wonky, it won't be too bad a look. I will attempt to pin so they join in the center as well as going outward to all four sides.

I found a kids paper project that I used for a pattern to make a mug rug and did get a start on it this morning. I had to adjust the corners on the arms to make it work but did. I've got enough for 5 of them after cutting two WOF strips and some white for the background. They become a 9-patch. I want to make one up before going on with them, just in case it doesn't work out.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Need Fabric

There isn't enough of the black tone on tone to finish the back, so its off to the fabric store on Saturday.

I am really glad I selected black to do this sashing, and also that it is cut 2.25". At first, it mattered which fabric laid next to others. And yet, it became quite random as the rows were joined. Even looking at this pic, I can see where other choices might have happened. Again, Hallows fabrics are so busy and bright. Black gives your eye a place to rest from it all.

The side-to-side measurement will accommodate the top's side borders. There are enough blocks to make two more rows to extend the back, but at this point, it might be long enough. Six across and 8 down. In fact seven might work. I'll buy enough black to do the binding too and finish the quilt by the end of August and ship it out as soon as it is done.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Making 8" Blocks

Hallows scraps were saved in many sizes, the largest of which are 8" squares. As a result, I joined smaller bits so they measured 8". And now what?

Halloween fabric prints are incredibly busy. Even if the square is cut from a single fabric, it is still busy. I want to do a sashing but am not sure what will work better and coordinate with the front, which is black and white with orange. Colors are vivid so nothing light or pastel will work. Too much orange, or black already. I thought about a bright, deep yellow, which would complement the orange on the other side, and found a black that auditions better and is on hand. I have black. I do not have the yellow. The challenge using such a scrappy back is in matching it to the top. It is important to check all seams and clip threads.

Sigh. Math. I found one site that set up the formula, but calculated it for 12.5" unfinished blocks. I am using 8". The scrap of black I found is a tone on tone. I drew the layout and have first started with the side pieces to join them. I am not sure how much fabric will work, so made the cut at 2.25" and will do the center part first. I have another solid black to make an outside border. For as much of this Halloween fabric I used for the top and the bottom, there is still a lot of it left for another project.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fabric Panel Books & a LC Top

I love being able to use batting scraps for this project. I am one page short of batting, but made great progress.  All the pages are together except one for two books.

It surprised me how quickly these went together, though the project has a few more steps to slip stitch closed the bottom of the pages, top stitching around all of them, and joining the centers with a vertical stitch to form the book. I am not sure if the pages will get quilted for stability or how to do it. Directions do not give that as a step, however, batting will shift if not secured. I may do another seam next to the top stitching seam or run a few horizontal stitches before putting the pages together.

Next, I pulled more projects in the bins out to finish tops, match with backs, and get them ready for basting. Again, it surprised me, though shouldn't, that there were a number of projects without notes-to-self. I guess that means I will get to choose what happens next and use the creative thoughts I have NOW. Some of these projects have been sitting awhile.

I finished a Log Cabin Hallows scrap top. The darker pieces are all black prints. 'Scrappy' means gathering in a very random manner, and 'scrap' quilting means some thinking and planning while using scraps on hand. I have so many scraps that I want to make the back from them with the intention to use as much of the holiday as possible. Thing is there is no pattern for the back, as of yet. 

This top turned out so good, I would like to make the back as close to stunning as this top is. It was more planned using all the spider web on white for the entire white side, using the same fabric for the center blocks, then making the borders. Yet, all from scraps on hand. So it would be considered a scrap quilt. Even though the back is also made of scraps, to get it to look nice, it needs structure.