Tuesday, January 16, 2018

No Photo Basting

Got into the clubhouse to baste and although I brought 2 quilt projects in, one of them was really wrinkled from sitting so long in the bag that I brought it back home to press it again. The nature of homemade quilts is that they do wrinkle as you wash them and use them, however, it has been my habit to send them as unwrinkled as possible for the first look.

Then I started on the low contrast Snail's Trail quilt. I have been told that it is a very hard choice because it is the contrast that helps with the layout. And I used the lower contrast of the 2 off-white/beigy colors with the print. 

Yes, why yes it will be difficult. I watched Jenny's tutorial and she laughed as she said that she is a chain-stitcher so if she makes a mistake, it happens on all of them. Did I listen?

It seems true that this is a harder pattern to follow with low contrast fabrics, but I think it will end up quite lovely. Pictures to follow after the computer guy comes.

There is enough quilting work to do now that the wedding present is basted. As I looked at it, it seems that doing the horizontal channel stitching will work for the majority of the quilt but perhaps not for the center appliqued blocks.

Monday, January 15, 2018

No Photo Mug Rug

I made a mug rug for a swap, forgot to take a pic, wrapped it, put it in a box that also got wrapped, and put it in a box for shipping, which also got wrapped. Funny when I do that because even small mini quilts are projects worthy of being called quilts. Its funny and yet.

Sometimes the smaller things are like 'small' people; people who go about their daily lives and do not make large contributions or think they change the world. Most of us are smaller people in the greater scheme of things. Heck, even greater people are small in the even largest of schemes.

This little mug rug goes to a young woman in NJ who is working hard to make a difference in her world. Three things were promised in this swap: Chocolate, a beverage and a profile gift. Profile gifts are what we buy or make or send that somehow shows that we read what our partner wrote and made an attempt to honor her likes and dislikes. 

My partner likes tea. I pulled 3 bags from what I have and tucked them into a mug rug. The swap is fulfilled. Of course, there were other things I added to make it a sweet package. I know how important it is for me to open mail and get things that tickle my soul. Even though I didn't take a photo of the mug rug, it is hers now and hers alone.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Still Without

Still without the desktop computer.

Took a trip to the big city to buy a replacement printer. They are so inexpensive and the biggest complaint I have is the cost of ink. Well, HP has an ink program and the printer was on sale. It took all morning to get it set up to the router and every other electronic thingy...IPhone, laptop, desktop. Thing has more bells and whistles and even its own email. 

I worked on the borders for the Outhouses quilt the rest of the day and still have more of them to go. I asked my older Son if he wants flannel or cotton as the backing...asked in a letter that I can now print off and send. My handwriting is not at all good. He & I chatted today but I wanted to send the question so he could think about it.

Pictures will follow once the computer guy stops by to fix it.

This is Zone 3 for the Fly Lady system...3=Bathroom & extras in other rooms. Fifteen minutes goes by fast and I can usually get the chore done in less than that so having a detailed list to do more like in the entry way, or studio. This process helps my cleaning style. 

Last week was the Kitchen Zone 2, and I finally pulled off the two sets of dishes, one already given to the thrift store and the other going out later this week. When I was in the big city, I bought a couple of yellow bowls and 2 Batman plates (yellow and black). I eat soups, pastas, and sometime flat meals like eggs and toast. I don't need much kitchen stuff so will start changing up some storage places.

Although I am without a computer to download photos, I am still quilting, and very much aware of how my spirituality is effected by what I do. Sometimes I take in frustration because I cannot do what I want. Its like having developed a perfect system and when it falls apart, I can either be the victim, try to blame this or that, or find another way to stay busy. I am not accountable to anyone for what I do. No one has a right to tell me that I need to perform or produce. If someone is disappointed that I don't have photos or don't write each day, well, I am sorry too. However, it is what it is.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Project Backup

Many things have put my projects into a state of backup. There is an underpinning of frustration for me because I am a person who likes new beginnings, not waiting. Yet, here I am.

The Velcro and large button are on the Weekender Tote, and all threads clipped. Ready to ship out for my birthday Son. I even spent time loading all but one of the bobbins in prep for more. The one left is dedicated to machine quilting.

Two projects are in my carry bag ready to get into the clubhouse for basting. More projects are in bins, also waiting for basting. Thing is, machine quilting takes time and fills me with dread more than another other part of quilt-making. Also, I have enough safety pins for basting 2 at a time.

With the holidays over, some time has been taken up with packing things away, ensuring that nothing gets broken that I want to keep and nothing is kept that no longer serves my decorating desires.

Weather halts my desire to walk the block and a half in the rain and wind carrying a heavy bag that cannot be set down in the wet street.

One of the quilts in the bag is dedicated to a wedding in February. I want it done first. Maybe next week. 

Meanwhile, there are projects to piece.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I Am So Excited

Machine Applique is a hard process, so I feel quite accomplished to have done these Outhouses without much direction and of course, using the border patterns from a previous project. The last block presented numerous challenges, but it done now. Even the colors go together nicely. 

I did load a bobbin with dark green thread so will be able to sew on the Velcro and finish off the Weekender Tote.

Winds were furious and blew out the furnace pilot light. Evidently they drive down the stack, and I am not sure if it can be corrected. Of course, no handy man is going to want to get up there when it is this cold and wet. So I am just trying to prepare myself in case it happens often this Winter.

My computer guy hasn't come yet, so pictures are on my camera waiting until they can get uploaded.

The lesson of this time seems to be patience. I have never had much of it when I was younger, and wonder why it seems to come more easily now. I muse on this and come up with several ideas. For one thing I know is that everything has a cycle, a season, a time. Rarely does it help to try and push things along.


Monday, January 8, 2018

Still Waiting for Computer Repair

I've been working on a number of things and will post photos when I get my computer system up again. I had a flair day yesterday and spent the time resting and feel better today.

I bought Velcro and a large button to finish the Weekender Tote. It shouldn't take much more time.

The first block for the Guest Designer Sampler posted a pattern called Brasstown Star, and so I found scraps that would work and made the block. The plan is to do each block as its own color combo and put them all together as a sampler quilt. I decided to partner it with the Mood BOM also in progress. I am using 5" charms for that one and will just add borders to whichever side needs one when they are both completed at the end of the year.

The Outhouses are appliqued, with the first inner borders on for January. And so next is to get into the clubhouse to baste. There are 2 quilts in the bag and more ready to baste in a closet bin. Obviously, the machine quilting on all of them will take time.

Friday, January 5, 2018


It took me awhile to select fabrics for this quilt as my choice is to make it relatively masculine for the outhouse look. Meanwhile, I sorted bins, sectioning backs, quilts ready to baste, and those kits still being working upon.

I am working on the fourth outhouse, and it is simply not turning out, so I may give in and start over on it. This last one is even more piecey so will take a bit more time. I might even redesign it. I think the grassy part needs to be lighter as a start.

I decided to piece more as I go with the 'emotional' BOM quilt. What I have done is to keep the box of scrap blocks that will go into it. They are actually 5" charms, and because there are more than half HST made, I will keep the halves not used in one block and select them as I go to make use of them.

One of the worst things about organizing is that I forget to label. I am getting better at it but when I forget, that is the exact project I want and then spend so much time searching. I always think that something is obvious and it is at the time, but then...time gets in the way and I need to search.