Sunday, April 30, 2017

Seasons ROM

The top is finished for the Seasons Row of the Month Mystery quilt. It needs a back and then can be basted.

It was quite a long quilt that finished up with a Seminole border. I added more to the sides and it measures wider than long, which is unusual. Also, I put a row of Snowballs rather than Maple Leafs for the last one. It looks green with the Seminole border. I cut strips for binding in the same green. My plan is to use a flannel sheet for the back. The whole quilt will be rather heavier, but is going to a male friend in MN where the winters can get mighty chilly.

As I look at the photo here, I am quite pleased with how it turned out, and moreover pleased that it is all scrappy.

I worked on another Mystery BOM for a quilt I have named Gratitude because it is made of Fall fabrics. This block is called Board Game. It needs pressing and a top and side frame of 2.5" squares. I didn't add them yet as I am not sure of the placement.

Busy day. I dug holes for 3 plants in the garden. Two are Foxglove and one is Columbine. All are bee friendly.  Today is a trip to Morro Bay for the Kite festival. Three hours there and again 3 back, so it will be a long day. I doubt there will be time for quilting.

I still find myself resisting the return to the UFOs. And part one of the Jungian course ends with a Webnar conference. Early. I hope I have the conversion time correct.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Do I Have a Winner for Holiday Gifts?

After thinking about potholders vs microbowl holders, I went looking for ideas and patterns. So, the plan is for me to continue working on the UFO's but to take time to make a couple of these every week to build up a stash or collection of them to give as gifts.

You Tube has so many tutorials for everything. I do have a LOT of batting, and do have a lot of cotton scraps. I learned from one of the tutorials to check the content of the thread! OMGoddess, I have been using what I was given. Cotton ONLY for this project in order to withstand the heat! Some of the spools I have no longer have end labels and so those are off limits to this kind of project.

The challenge, for me, is making a lot of them. Perhaps what will save me is only doing a couple at a time. 

I need to check with family members if they have a micro. I stopped owning one years ago. One of my Granddaughters did a school project by watering plants from different water sources. Plants she watered with micro heated & cooled water all died. I became one of those people concerned that the low levels of electromagnetic radiation may impact human health over a long time. Not everyone believes that, and the convenience is what they go for.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Mug Rugs

The last of the Spirit Guide mug rugs goes to a friend in Australia. She asked for a Pomeranian Dog, but when I looked for applique patterns, they were too pointy and so I decided to go with a dog paw.

I think this one might have been harder to applique anyway, going around the little toes. And I learned a couple of things that helped add interest. One was to make a darker frame by making the binding strip the darkest color. And then, the small squares to one side seemed to add more interest.

I tried my hand with a mouse for the top one. However, after finishing it, I realized I laid it out on the diagonal and did not like it, so made a second one with the little door. Both these and some  of the others might have looked better with a darker binding. The moose turned out nicely and I am happy with the colors in it. So now, my practice pieces are done and I hope I can retain the lessons learned.

Back to the UFOs. A local quilter gave me a box of Insul-bright for making heat resistant potholders. I joined a swap requiring a project made from one FQ. I just received a craft-quality FQ that is fine for this, and so tried my hand at simple potholders.

As I worked on them, I wondered who actually baked in my family, and found a pattern for micro-bowl holders that I think would work better.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

UFO Therapy

When I decided to work on, perhaps finish or at least bring to a closer step to being done, I didn't know what that all meant. While I was last at my sewing machine with the Seminal Border for Seasons, it struck me that it was like getting involved in a relationship. 

If you don't legalize it, you can opt out of things get bad. However, if you do put it into a legal status, then you are in it until you figure out the next step.

With quilting, & how this UFO works, all I did was to say I was going to do these all during 2017. I finished a lot of them already & was happy, relieved even, to have them done. Now there are 10 'official' UFOs on my list, plus four quilts I want done to ship out by Thanksgiving week. 

Of course, I have added new projects so am not tunnel focused. But right now, I am dragging my feet and avoiding the projects just like I did when I first set them aside. I am not sure how to find the energy or drum up the passion when I feel like I am done being a drudge to it. 

The Shadow work in my course says you have to face it and become aware of what it is doing to you when it is an unconscious complex or neurosis. Having any issues under the surface of your conscious thoughts is what gets a person into trouble. You can get triggered by whatever is unhealed without notice. Then, no one understands what is going on for you. Not you. Not anyone around you.

I 'legalized' my work with UFOs for the year by a commitment to completing them. I need to keep working on them even though its not fun right now. One day at a time, one step at a time. I finished the detail work on the Seminole border. Next it needs trimming to make ready for the small side borders.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dragon Mug Rug

I have been working on another three mug rugs, and this one is for my youngest Granddaughter. She got that lovely wolf quilt and so this is a complement to her birthday gift.

What I have learned is that too many small points on an applique get lost when I do them on my machine. This is fine, not extraordinary, but fine. 

I keep working on the two side Seminole borders for the Seasons quilt. Its a lot of small piecing and because there is a lot of variety in how people make their mystery quilts, there was only a suggestion as to how many squares would be needed. I think there will be a lot leftover, but also think the project will be close to done soon.

Monday, April 24, 2017

A New Week

I took the weekend off from quilting. Saturday was Earth Day and there was a Poppy Festival in Lancaster. It's an hour drive from here. Two hours of walking without finding benches. And then another hour drive back home. Hot sun. I bought a fruit frozen drink that carried me through. 

I worked on the next round of mug rugs and will post a photo of them when they are completed. I found silhouettes, put the iron-on stuff onto fabric, and cut them out. I wasn't happy with one of them, so found a different pattern.  

The last BOM for the row by row Seasons quilt was released. It is a Seminole pattern that I am actually doubling in width. The pattern uses just one row of 2.5" squares joined with two of the background. I had this green batik I bought some time ago that had a strange pattern on it so it hasn't been used. I looked for more images & ideas and instead of making the border 3 squares wide, I am making it 5 wide. There is enough fabric to add a complete border for the entire top. It will take awhile to complete.

My batting order arrived too, but will remain in its shipping box until the time is right.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Spirit Guide Mug Rugs

In an effort to learn more about machine applique and quilting, I made an offer on Facebook to 'friends' that I would make mug rugs for the first three to reply in a PM. Of course, a few did, more replied to the post and even more 'liked' it without an actual response. Two, rather than give Animal Spirit Guides, named JC. 

I made three. One Wolf and 2 Dragonflies. Wolf symbolizes sharp intelligence, an appetite for freedom, and a deep connection with instincts. Dragonfly is often associated with change & transformation, adaptability, joy & the lightness of being. There is also an alignment with fairies.

The challenge is going to be a Pomeranian.