Saturday, June 30, 2018

Yae, Happy Birthday Basket

This one was another challenge. Round bottom. One is supposed to calculate the geometry of the thing. Well, I tried and then ended up cutting the circle smaller, folding things over and trying my best. 

It isn't firm enough on the sides to stand up like a plastic basket, but it is reversible & will be a nice bucket to hold laundry...or whatever she decides works. Its done, & I am quite happy to have the project finished. It is one of 4 fabric boxes made for this gift & is more than enough. 

One of the things about getting gifts that you don't ask for is that sometimes the response to opening the package is, "well, isn't that nice?" Which makes me laugh. I am making fewer things now and am ok with that response.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Fabric Basket

While I finished machine quilting the Log Cabin, it still needs binding. I spotted a seam in the direct center of the quilt where one side got missed and was able to correct it. That took longer than I would have liked. Then the machine started acting up. I set it aside trying to honor my self-commitment to go slower and be gentle with myself.

Meanwhile, I started out another Fabric Bucket in Cat fabric. I looked for a guide for what I wanted to do and found one that I used as a model though ended up making my own pattern. Better said, I did a 'wing-it' on this one too. 

The fabric has two Kitties on it that are similar in color to the ones the birthday-woman has in her life.  It is a nice size for a dry laundry basket. The top folds over to give it just a bit more stabilization and I will make sure the bottom is stiff enough too by adding more batting to it. It is probably going to be enough to finish it by the end of the weekend. So far, I put three layers of batting on it. The hardest thing was calculating the circle. Gahhhhh

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Machine Quilting

I decided to do channel quilting on this anniversary Log Cabin quilt. And after getting half of it done, I stopped for the day.

It is looking nice.  The machine locked up with the quilting foot on, so I am using the generic foot and that is working. In my favor is that it is pinned well, and the back is a relatively sturdy fabric with only one seam. Lines of the Log Cabin are easy to follow.

As I said, quitting after finishing half the quilt is a huge step in self-care for me. Usually, I would keep going until it was finished. I don't really have another quilting project to get to so plan to just relax this afternoon. I did get outside for some yard work and am going to the pool for aerobics later in the day. That is enough. 

It felt like I could do more but I know its going to be too much. Stopping is very hard for me. I don't want to stop. I want to push on and get this one done and go on with another project. And so I did. I made this fabric container without a pattern and ended up with a toilet paper holder as an example. I want to fill them with small things to show how they might be used. I cut fabric for the last one and will get that done later today along with finishing the machine quilting on the Log Cabin.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Dream Pillows

After harvesting my Lavender this year, I decided to make just a few dream pillows. So far, I've finished two and have a third ready to bind. All of them are flat to go between a pillow and its case.

 This one is the smaller of the three. And goes to a friend who said her bedroom is in silver and black. What I did with all of them was to sprinkle Lavender between two sheets of batting, pin it, then quilt. In this case, I did channel quilting. Finally, I added the binding.

The second one was a folded scrap of fabric with the batting folded twice so its a bit thicker. I only quilted horizontally by the flower stems here, and then bound it in another scrap leftover. The quilting is not as tight but the ends were stitched to secure them shut.

 The third one is made from two 12" blocks I got in swaps when I thought I would make a blue & white sampler. Never got to that stage and decided to use these for the pillow. 
While they are clearly two different styles or patterns, if you look closely you can see they are 9-patch patterns. What I did was to pin them so the quilting seam would ride along both sides pretty close to the same. A non-quilter, and especially a young grrrl might not notice the way I do as the maker. I am going to try to hand sew the binding with the dark blue I have but if it doesn't work, will wait til I get a spool of white thread.

I made another fabric box. This one is made with black cats on lime green which doesn't photograph well. I cut it a little larger than usual. The inside and outside greens are the same color to my eye and simply look different.

Then, I went on a hunt for white thread. Small town. Only Singer emergency kits with 25 yards on a spool. I finally got the kit at the dollar store and will return the other one I bought later. Twenty-five yards might was more than enough to go around the dream pillow. And everything is ready to ship out.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Round 5

Back to it. I decided to put the project away and wait.

The next one is supposed to be piano keys as a complete border, and then a small border and a fabric border. It has become or is becoming really busy. The fabric for the border is suggested as a larger print but I am not sure if I want to go that route or use one of the smaller ones set aside for the project. 

Waiting is a new thing for me but one I want to do here. There is value in waiting. I want to see examples of the work others do so I can make better choices.

I didn't come away with a lot left over from the basting, just some strips. I spent time cutting them for the scrap bins and they are put in the bins.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Round 6 Done

Ok, ok. I skipped a round and am working right now to figure out colors for Round 5. It is a block that sits in the center of all four sides and needs to balance out what has gone before.

This round of 4 blocks seems close enough to the previous one. One of my first quilt teachers suggested using one of the colors in a previous block whenever I make a sampler quilt. I did that. This total round of blocks will be yellow-green where the center of the quilt has reds-pinks-teal. There is a bit of teal left and I may cut it for one of the small borders. I still find it hard to lay out scrappy colors even though they do go together, the final look is what matters. All the fabrics were selected when I first started the quilt and should coordinate. Should. 

The other quilting project is basting the anniversary Log Cabin. I found a suitcase roller to bring it back home from the clubhouse rather than to carry the weight of it on my shoulder in a bag more than 2 blocks away.

In the midst of my life, a dear Aunt passed on Saturday. She was quite instrumental in how I think about things, even how I got into fabric arts. I cannot go back for the funeral. They are for the living anyway. But here I want to claim my love. Her love. Things change don't they?

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Jumped Ahead to Round 6

I will need to go back to Round 5. The group admin just released Round 7, therefore, I am still behind. From what I could see on the instruction page, there are two small borders that go on the quilt before the Piano Keys of Round 7 and she said there was more to come.

She is hosting a new group called 'BOMs Away' with a focus of finishing any BOM projects. (I just got the title and smiled to myself at the play on words.) The group is all about getting support and finding motivation or inspiration to finish the quilts. 

This is not a situation only for quilt-makers. Unfinished work effects all businesses, all creatrix, all leaders, all followers, men, women, kids. Everyone.

Many years ago, I came to see how fun it was to start projects. I started a lot of them and turned many over to others to finish. I was in Corporate America with a staff, and also when I was teaching. Whatever mental light bulb came on I still don't know. What I do know is that I decided that it was important for my greater good to finish what I started. Me. My greater good. 

I don't think the average person in my life even sees this or knows how hard it is for me to pick something up that I put down, and start working on it again. I think this is why I feel so compelled to work on a quilt and get it done. Its like I push myself harder than anyone ever could. If I pushed, I would finish.

Things change. People change. I changed.

This says how I want to work. 
I want to finish what I start. 
So what if it takes me a week! 
So what, as long as I do finish it.

Each BOM is for a month's timing. I have been flying through them and am still behind. We were given a month to finish each step, yet I plan to be kind to myself and use the manifesto above as a reminder of how I want to work. The highlighted words are like a gold mine for a person who likes order, who enjoys a good plan, and who wants to stay positive.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Round 4

As mentioned, cheating has become an option for this Medallion quilt. I took time to sort fabrics so that the rounds that make up the next 'ring' are more coordinated because there is a plan.

This particular block confused me the first time I tried it and I do wonder if I was starting to feel that virus. There are 4 blocks made with this pattern to sit on each of the 4 sides. I stopped at this point and need to trim them to size for the next step. The work is for one month so I do not need to get it done in a day. This is part of working more sensibly.

The blocks went together nicely. I am going to skip Round 5 and piece Round 6 first so that I can keep the colors of yellow & green for this part of the surrounding medallion. Almost falling asleep last night, I thought about the skipped round and realized the colors I want for it. Jeeze.

Friday, June 22, 2018

The Gift of Falling Behind


For most of my life, I finished projects on time or early. I come early to classes or meetings. I send birthday gifts or cards several days before the event. I ship holiday gifts to my family by the end of November. Its 'how I roll'.

However, when that stomach virus laid me out for a good 5 weeks (being sick and recovery time til I felt my best again), it gave me time to think about living life a little differently.
One of the last of my BOM projects is the Medallian Quilt. It is done in rounds. The tulip blocks were the round for March and go on the 4 corners. April, May & June each add 4 blocks and make up the sides. 

My quilt is scrappy, using what I had in the closet. This is another mystery quilt, so what happened when I fell behind is that I could see what these blocks look like when they are assembled. Other quilters bought fabric in certain colorways and everything coordinates quite a bit differently than how a scrap quilt will.

The other BOM is my 3-tones of Yellow for the grad present next year, and is also a mystery, so I can see how it finishes. AND the quilt designer had the devil to pay for presenting errors, which I think are corrected, so I can make the quilt one step at a time and have it work out. The only thing I did on it was to buy the fabric. I will start it soon, yet want to finish those things that are in process now.

It is probably cheating to wait for the reveal to work on Mystery quilts. That wasn't my intention, but ended up being the gift of falling behind.

On both quilts, I can use the insight and quilt with a bit more mindfulness than usual. I love the look of scrappy, and when I select fabrics from my stash, they coordinate.

However, seeing what others created before I got started has been honestly pleasurable. I really wanted to make a medallion quilt and this is fun. Being sick was not fun. Being down for so long was not fun.

However, the changes in me because of how bad I felt are positive. I am even shaking my head at how many changes I made. Here's a list:

1. where I record what eat and what exercise I get. I had to lower the daily requirements to 900 calories and rarely even reach that number. The site gives me a message each day that I am not eating enough. My goal in using this site was to evaluate carbs and protein as well as some vitamins like potassium and the others. It helps me see nutrition. 

2. New apps for my Ipad that include one for Napping (yes I need help napping), one for daily affirmations, one designed for contemplative spirituality, and some games to help with memory.

3. Gardening for only 10 minutes. In that time I can pull a Home Depot bucket full of weeds, or prune a rose bush. 

4. Water Aerobics once a week. That pool is mighty cold, but it is a good practice.

5. Quilting for 1 hour a day rather than all day and all night.

6. Plans to finish the two scrap books I am making. I've sorted photos & supplies, and started writing the accompanying stories.

7. Returned to writing the historical fiction about LaBefana. Also, I am learning how to use the dictation function on the Ipad. I've printed out everything I wrote and started created a story board with index cards.

8. Watching tutorials on You Tube.

9. Signed up for a Zero Plastic challenge. I actually do a lot like this for the environment but see it as a opportunity to consciously do more.

10. I choose not to teach, not to lead. To that end, I am listing more of my books on Amazon, and minimizing my household possessions.

Because this blog is meant to share what spiritual lessons I learn while quilting, I would like to say that being spiritual is who I have always been. That's not to deny my wild side, because it is there. Believe me, it is there. I did a little research into the fixed stars and discovered another one in the 9th house of spirituality in my astrology chart. Fixed means it is a lifelong influence. And this particular star is part of a constellation that is far enough from us, and close enough to influence our lives.

It will be at the same location but shifts in the charts of other people, so influencing them differently. 

Aging started to get hard on me. I started sinking into depression over the losses of energy, stamina and flexibility. Oh sure, everyone who gets older experiences the losses. I just needed or wanted to maximize my life for as long as I have it, whether it is five minutes, five years or 15 years. I want to focus on living. And to do that, you need a plan.

Well, doing all the other things for body, mind and emotions was a start. The huge, huge thing for me was to create a daily ritual. I see comments people make about the way the government is being run. Will they vote? Or just complain? 

I did not want to participate in any of it.However, I know that elders in communities, real or fiction, serve the greater good in their wise ways. They pray. They do magick. They change things. Or at least they used to.

I am a part of this circle in the solitude of my own home, at my own altar.

I cannot speak for others whose lives are different as they age, or are confined to recovery beds. It is enough sometimes to just make it through the days and nights. I am part of this circle too. And modifying the child's rhyme, 'when I feel good, I am very, very good; and when I feel bad, I am zoned out of reality'.

I fell behind on all of my activities, and think that this grief over my lost life made me a better person. Its probable that I will still look back and wish for more time, that I had made better choices and wish I was pretty.

Said this was a long post.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Darting Bird Block

Not at all a favorite. One the second try, I called it. This one was too advanced for my waning skills. Its done now, but there is no love in it for me.

The first one was so hard, I tossed it the trash. Of course, it was me mis-reading the pattern. I cut pieces at 2.5" when they were to be cut at 2 7/8" for HST. They were a mess. The block needs trimming and a good press, however, it is done. Right now, I am seeing this sampler as a back rather than a front and part of a comfort quilt.

Dang. Now that I see the photo, I see a block that got turned on the top...second one from the end. Makes an odd wing. I think it challenged me because the pattern was written for a light background and mine is darker. It will be easy to rip and turn because it is on the top. See? This is what I mean, it gave me issues from piecing to layout. Oh well, done and I can go onto to other projects. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Floral BOMs

Caught up on this series of BOMs, including the block pattern I was to present.

The June block is called Weathervane, though I have no idea why. It doesn't look like a weather vane to me, and my choice of floral prints is slight yet, it allowed me to use scraps, and that is my on-going goal. I like how it looks and will be a good addition to the sampler.

The one I made for November is a remake so that all blocks are pieced. My original offering was appliqué and it will be included as an extra option. I chose Woven Ribbons because it is easy to make coming at a time of the year when everyone is busy. This will give them all an opportunity to make their blocks without taking a lot of time to finish. The hardest part for me was selecting colors and floral prints. I am happy with it. I've been stacking the blocks without pressing or squaring up...just for storage.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Pet Blanket & a BOM

The grown Grandgrrrls in my life are choosing not to have babies, and instead, direct their energy toward Fur-babies. One family lives in Wisconsin and has 2 Kats and a Honey-colored Beige Lab.

This family sends me family pics or kid pics, and they are wonderful. This is a fleece blanket that I cut and tied. It is perfect for a larger dog to lay on wherever he decides to land or to put in his kennel when he needs to be kept safe while his people are out of the house. It is washable and relatively easy to maintain. I made a number of these fleece blankets over the years, so remembered the easy way they go together. It is just time consuming to cut strips and tie around the edges, and a bit hard on the back. This time, I did it over my ironing board and that was fast and easiest.

I got enough of the fabric because it was on sale and plan to make one for the other big Grand-dog in the family. He's a growing German Shepherd pup and still likes to chew, so there is no hurry to get it there. The ties might interest him enough to bite off. But perhaps making it a little later in the Summer when I need an easy project is best.

The two kitty pillows go with this finished blanket and I need to decide on the birthday gift for their human Daddy. Maybe just money in a card. That always works. 

Then, I got on with it. I made a BOM. Its the Floral Friendship Rosebud for May. The Scrappy Sampler Floral Friendship quilt only started in April, so I am not too far behind. I have the June block ready to go. This is the quilt I made an appliqué block for and plan to use that pattern for the holiday pillows.

Unfortunately, it is also the one the coordinator asked me to make another block for my month that is pieced. I found simple pattern, will make it up, and send it to her for approval. It is going to be in grays with white daisies on black. I wanted something a bit more Fall-ish and settled on this instead.

Monday, June 18, 2018

And Now, The Back

Back of quilts that I make can be either another quilt made of scraps, which I am working hard to do, or it can be one piece made of 108" wide material, or like this one which is the look of a solid.

This pattern looks like chicken wire. It was selected for the quilt because the family raises chickens, though I think they let them have free range. It didn't really require any matching because of the pattern. Sometimes, the need is to match the repeats so that things line up. Personally, I like the back of the quilts against my body so that the top of the quilt can be top up and shows off the work. 

The back of the quilt is very important to finish things off. Earlier in my work, I tried some of the suggestions for backs using larger blocks and arranging them horizontally and vertically. While it worked to serve as a back, it didn't appeal to me as much. So now, I like joining smaller scraps into simple 9-patch blocks or just random rows.

Anyway, this back is done and both top & bottom are ready to sandwich and baste at the clubhouse. I need to finish the fabric bin and boxes, and get on with the BOMs.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Cutting Scraps

Once a quilt is pieced and ready to sandwich for basting, it is time to cut scraps into usable squares or strips. Its another one of my practices to stay organized. 
First of all, I just have one room for my studio & use the closet to store bins. Then, its all about retrieving pre-cuts to use them for backs or in some cases, creating a top. It is fun for me to see change that comes from adding new squares. I try to keep it simple on the back and just do random layouts.

I love how this top turned out. The gray I bought is the same color value as the other ones and makes a great third border. Of course photos never do the quilt justice. It is always more attractive in person. This quilt measures 73" square now & will take almost 5 yards for the back & 2/3 of a yard for binding.

It took me some time to get back into the passion of this fabric art after almost 5 weeks of not quilting. I am trying to do the work with Essential Tremors.  Being steady-handed is a huge challenge, so I AM working at a slower pace. Slowing down is meant to be less stressful. However, it is hard for me. 

I used smaller, narrow shavings to fill two cat blankets. Cats seem to like sitting on their own fleece blankets, so it becomes a nice gift. Usually shavings go in the trash, so this is one way to quilt green. These fleece pillows can be washed, & tossed after comforting little kitties.

This new method of pacing myself means doing more dedicated quilting. My to-do list is always at the side bar on this blog, with months, to help remind me of projects. I am still behind on the BOM's and hope to tackle them next. From now on, when I finish a quilt, I will offer it as is, rather than to make another and stress myself out.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

First Two Borders

The first two borders are some of the lighter gray prints, both of which I had. The last border is fabric bought yesterday in the big city. While the 'old' me would have continued until this top was completed, I am content to get this far and relax. In fact, after shopping again, and plans to attend a play at the local theatre, I am done for the day. 

Usually I would fret about the top yet have learned, over the years, if the fabrics coordinate before being cut, they will coordinate on the quilt. The fabric almost has a chicken wire look to it, and so I did find a black with white for the back that looks more like chicken wire. It will be a nice balance. I also bought a dark gray thread to quilt with and think its going to be a lovely quilt when it is done. 

The lesson for this all is just to trust the process and that things have a way of working out.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Blue Not Gray

Sometimes when I select colors for a quilt, the quilt doesn't come out the way I planned. This one is still under construction, so the final look is yet to be determined. It looks blue and I really want it to look gray.

It is a 16-block Log Cabin. So the last couple of days have been spent constructing the blocks and piecing them. It measures 55.5" square before the light gray border. That border will only look like half an inch when the next one is attached, which will be the same fabric as the first light on the blocks. Then I have enough of other gray fabrics to make a second and perhaps another small third before adding the focus fabric for the last border and binding.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Little Boxes

With another fabric box done, it seems like I got on my way to quilting again!

This one is made 'traditionally' as I knew how with two 11" squares & batting, stitched, quilted, then corners sewn & hand stitched, finishing with buttons on all 4 sides.

Admittedly, the next style I am planning is something I haven't done before, so it is a bit intimidating. However, with two of them completed for the October birthday gift, I could fill them with odds & ends to demonstrate their usefulness, and call it a gift as they are. If I get the other one done, good, and if not, okay. They need to ship out mid-September to get there on time. 

I shifted focus to a Log Cabin quilt planned for an anniversary gift in August. I love the Log Cabin pattern and bought more than enough fabric for 16 blocks. However, I measured what I bought without the pattern to guide the purchase & did not really have enough for borders & the back. Some pieces were just too small and some were more than I needed. Oh well.

There is enough to get started and takes a thoughtful layout. Its going to be an interesting quilt because the blue is on one side and three shades of gray for the other. Two of the grays sort of blend but I am ok with that if they do. Every time I make one of the Log Cabins, they turn out so very different and are always appealing. The colors and layout really change it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What IS Going On?

I cut some of the stiffer lining/batting to use as sides for some fabric boxes.

It is a start. This lining material takes up a lot of space in the batting bin and will serve as a great stiffening agent. I haven't used this kind of batting for the fabric boxes before and will start with the smaller ones first. I laughed at my thought process because if it doesn't work, I will keep whatever I make, which is very unusual for me. Usually I give away everything.

The next thing I need to do is actually start sorting again. It seems like I do this all the time, however, my fabrics have gotten sort of jumbled as I went on searches for things that match. One of the halting moments comes when I think I have fabrics for a block only to discover there is not enough. What I need to do with THOSE pieces is to trim them down and put them in the pre-cut bins.

Maybe doing this behind the scenes work will help me get started quilting again.

Monday, June 11, 2018


I tried catching up to the BOMs without much luck. 

I sent off the mug rug for the swap without taking a photo.

It feels like all my quilt projects are UFOs right now. I could step into a real whine-pitty-pot. 

Every project, be it gardening or scrap booking. Its all the same. Hard to get back to any of them. And why? Am I burned out? Maybe. I think its a matter of just doing one thing and doing the next thing. It is a matter of figuring out what is blocking my progress, my process, my plan. I want to finish these quilting projects. I want to finish the two scrapbooks. I want to write the letters, write the book. I do.

So what am I doing? For one thing, working in my life is I changed the daily cal count to 900 and though that is low for most people, it is what works for me. I can record each meal, each exercise, the water I drink. With this program, I am able to lower my carb count and raise the proteins I eat. I can see other nutrients and am eating so much more than usual even at 900 cals. 

The IPad provides me a place to list out what I want to do and delete what is done. Maybe this is enough for now. It helps. The IPad also helps me nap during the day, getting more sleep, which I need so much. Maybe the food and sleep are a huge start. Also, I am playing games. Me. Games. The games help with memory and with language.

I need to give myself a time frame to get back to the quilting projects. Not so much a deadline. Well, maybe yes. I just don't know and am going with the process.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Mug Rug

I am in a mug rug swap and tried something that didn't quite work for me to send. And, as a practice very new to me, I am keeping it.

I need one for now and this is fine. I like these colors and have it on my desk. Originally, I got 2 blocks from a woman in Italy which were finished too big for the quilt requirements, and so they were set aside. One of the blocks remains and could work as a mug rug later. 

Meanwhile, I need to spend time with the BOMs that are ready to cut. I find that I am becoming more gentle with myself as far as the projects I want to do. I've got them all in a pile and will tackle them one at a time to finish one at a time.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

For All Those BOMs

Sorting colors to work with the sampler BOM quilts I am doing takes time. For one thing, each block must be different. I mixed up a couple of them and did two in a similar color way so one needs to go elsewhere and be re-done for the quilt.

It also meant finding colors to do the holiday pillows. I even found a gray 'frost' for the Befana hair figures. The center of the medallion quilt was folded into other fabrics, which made me search through all the bins. Yet, there it was, in the bin labeled for it. Hidden. If I learned anything, again, once more, it is to label and leave notes to self. Clearly, the simple notes work if I keep at the projects, but when I leave them for even 5 weeks, all bets are off.

My plan is to do one block at a time and cut those scraps down to add to the pre-cut bin. I need to find simple ways to minimize the confusion. Yes, the fabrics are getting down. What is happening is that I am consolidating sorted bags. Some bags are sorted by colors, some by potential projects. None of those have labels or notes. Gotta take time to do that step. So today, the colors for the blocks are sorted. Good.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Floral BOM

I got this one done correctly and can set it aside with the others. Of course there are more to catch up on, and this is a start. 

The block pattern is called Swing in the Center. What I actually did next was to label the patterns with the group names so I can keep them organized. I thought it belonged to the group called BOM Club. However, it was for a different BOM group with Mystery Designers, which is fine because it did need to be finished.

All these BOMs were meant to be scrappy samplers, so this one just slips into the correct quilt and I go on.

Taking off for so long cost me even with notes to self. Some of the notes are confusing and I have to compare blocks what I have with the printed patterns and get them set for the correct quilts.

I don't want to get ahead of myself by listing what I think needs doing, or start fretting over what isn't done. I joined, maybe, too many BOMs this year. 1. Floral Friendship (need Rosebud and Weathervane blocks); 2. Exclusive BOM Medallian (need rounds 4, 5, & 6); 3. Mystery Designer (need Darting Birds); 4. Secret Solids (hasn't started yet); 5. Stellar Elegance from TQC Mystery (which I bought 3 shades of yellow fabric / four clues have already been given with one of them being corrected many times already). Then I took on an anniversary Log Cabin gift, a Bargello pattern, fabric boxes and some holiday Befana pillows to make for my Grandkids. I might be forgetting something here and want to check and re-check what I am doing.

I went to the BOM sites, printed off the pages of patterns, made a note which group is sponsoring which BOM Mystery, and will just do what I can from that point. Luckily, I kept up with the Daily Blocks for the Mood quilt. Because of it, I feel so accomplished!!!

Continuing my research, because my life is changing so much, I looked up & calculated how many calories are burned for quilting. Now, I have seen quilters who never move from their chairs & set up ironing boards, & cutting mats so they don't have to move. Not me. I am in constant motion. Or at least I was. 

Anyway. It starts with your body at rest or doing no activity. Then add & multiply height, weight & age with the formula. That means sleeping, sitting still. All of that. What then? well, then, calculate motion by light activity, all the way to extra active. At light activity, multiply the formula result by 1.2 or 1.375. Be honest. Why else do this? Each pound of muscle burns 75-100 calories per day. So how much is muscle, how much fat?  Regardless of the numbers, I plan to enter in 98.6 calories burned per hour for quilting. I don't care if it is accurate. It is just a number. They are all just numbers. What I am using this program for is to see how many carbs & proteins I eat per day so I can reduce carbs & increase proteins, as well as record how much water I drink.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Beautiful Downtown Burbank.

That name came from some TV shows long ago. Yet, Burbank got on board, planted trees and made it lovely. Of course there is still freeway construction making it look junky, but the inside town part is nice. 

I stayed near one of the shopping centers so got to Target, Joann's, & Petco to buy items harder to get in my small town. I am not a shopper and am in the phase of life that is more minimizing rather than hunting/gathering.

Some of the research I did over the weekend included getting a better handle on this new phase of life. In the past, I think I operated with the sympathetic system of fight/flight/freeze. Well, my body slipped into the other system, which is called parasympathetic and revolves more around rest and recovery. I have been fighting with that and feeling like I was slacking. The more I read, the more I see that I didn't include that part in my life and so now that is my single solution / soul-ution to health.

The local pool started water aerobics in April that continue through the end of summer. While it is late, it is also a drop in class and after being in the hotel pool, I know I need to do this.

I caught up on the BOD for the Mood quilt back I am making and will finish this current row soon, and can add the rows. I plan to get outside and get another bucket of weeds pulled. The site is working to help me see how many carbs and protein I get. I am making modifications. I can't eat the full day's allotment of calories but do what I can. Changes.