Sunday, June 24, 2018

Jumped Ahead to Round 6

I will need to go back to Round 5. The group admin just released Round 7, therefore, I am still behind. From what I could see on the instruction page, there are two small borders that go on the quilt before the Piano Keys of Round 7 and she said there was more to come.

She is hosting a new group called 'BOMs Away' with a focus of finishing any BOM projects. (I just got the title and smiled to myself at the play on words.) The group is all about getting support and finding motivation or inspiration to finish the quilts. 

This is not a situation only for quilt-makers. Unfinished work effects all businesses, all creatrix, all leaders, all followers, men, women, kids. Everyone.

Many years ago, I came to see how fun it was to start projects. I started a lot of them and turned many over to others to finish. I was in Corporate America with a staff, and also when I was teaching. Whatever mental light bulb came on I still don't know. What I do know is that I decided that it was important for my greater good to finish what I started. Me. My greater good. 

I don't think the average person in my life even sees this or knows how hard it is for me to pick something up that I put down, and start working on it again. I think this is why I feel so compelled to work on a quilt and get it done. Its like I push myself harder than anyone ever could. If I pushed, I would finish.

Things change. People change. I changed.

This says how I want to work. 
I want to finish what I start. 
So what if it takes me a week! 
So what, as long as I do finish it.

Each BOM is for a month's timing. I have been flying through them and am still behind. We were given a month to finish each step, yet I plan to be kind to myself and use the manifesto above as a reminder of how I want to work. The highlighted words are like a gold mine for a person who likes order, who enjoys a good plan, and who wants to stay positive.

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