Monday, June 4, 2018

Beautiful Downtown Burbank.

That name came from some TV shows long ago. Yet, Burbank got on board, planted trees and made it lovely. Of course there is still freeway construction making it look junky, but the inside town part is nice. 

I stayed near one of the shopping centers so got to Target, Joann's, & Petco to buy items harder to get in my small town. I am not a shopper and am in the phase of life that is more minimizing rather than hunting/gathering.

Some of the research I did over the weekend included getting a better handle on this new phase of life. In the past, I think I operated with the sympathetic system of fight/flight/freeze. Well, my body slipped into the other system, which is called parasympathetic and revolves more around rest and recovery. I have been fighting with that and feeling like I was slacking. The more I read, the more I see that I didn't include that part in my life and so now that is my single solution / soul-ution to health.

The local pool started water aerobics in April that continue through the end of summer. While it is late, it is also a drop in class and after being in the hotel pool, I know I need to do this.

I caught up on the BOD for the Mood quilt back I am making and will finish this current row soon, and can add the rows. I plan to get outside and get another bucket of weeds pulled. The site is working to help me see how many carbs and protein I get. I am making modifications. I can't eat the full day's allotment of calories but do what I can. Changes.