Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Little Boxes

With another fabric box done, it seems like I got on my way to quilting again!

This one is made 'traditionally' as I knew how with two 11" squares & batting, stitched, quilted, then corners sewn & hand stitched, finishing with buttons on all 4 sides.

Admittedly, the next style I am planning is something I haven't done before, so it is a bit intimidating. However, with two of them completed for the October birthday gift, I could fill them with odds & ends to demonstrate their usefulness, and call it a gift as they are. If I get the other one done, good, and if not, okay. They need to ship out mid-September to get there on time. 

I shifted focus to a Log Cabin quilt planned for an anniversary gift in August. I love the Log Cabin pattern and bought more than enough fabric for 16 blocks. However, I measured what I bought without the pattern to guide the purchase & did not really have enough for borders & the back. Some pieces were just too small and some were more than I needed. Oh well.

There is enough to get started and takes a thoughtful layout. Its going to be an interesting quilt because the blue is on one side and three shades of gray for the other. Two of the grays sort of blend but I am ok with that if they do. Every time I make one of the Log Cabins, they turn out so very different and are always appealing. The colors and layout really change it.

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