Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Yah Right

Its going to be quite the challenge for me to devote only one hour to each of my past times...I quilted an hour on the machine, rested for, oh maybe 15 minutes and then went back to it. The current project is quilted, and I have started on the fabric boxes for the August 1 birthday gift. Then after trimming the quilt, I also cut 5" charms for the BOD Mood quilt from the leftovers and, have strips of fabric to trim smaller for the Pet Beds.
Plans change. We change. I KNOW that it is better for me to do a major shifting of how I go through my days. I am starting to feel better each day, but know in my heart that it is like experiencing a false thing. My health may improve, but there is no cure for aging. Changing my life style and the way I work IS ESSENTIAL to my complete well-being. 

Maybe change comes hard because the patterns I set for so many decades did work for me, or at least I thought they did. I do realize that 'the bill comes due' eventually. Lately I have been paying those bills. I used my body hard all through my life and am grateful for that. I was lucky. Resting is a HUGE challenge for me now, and almost becomes the only way I can exist when I hit the wall. This time it was a stomach virus. Other times my back went out of alignment. The clue here is whether or not it is rest of my choosing or rest because my unconscious chooses.

I'll cut the scraps and get them into the small fleece bags I made for 2 of my Grand-cats. No hurry. Just part of the way I quilt 'green'. They will go in the holiday box of gifts closer to the end of the year. What is nice is doing a few things here and there and not feeling pressured.