Monday, May 14, 2018

Another Row

I've begun a new plan for the rest of my life. First of all, no matter what stage or age a person is, when they start to think about who they are, where they came from and where they might want to go, they realize that life changes. 

Buddha taught that there are 4 Noble Truths: 1. Life is Suffering. Things change; 
2. The origin of suffering is attachment. It hurts when things change
3. The cessation of suffering is attainable. Accept that things change; 
4. There is a way out of of suffering. By changing yourself. 

I am not a Buddhist, but appreciate the concepts.

To this end of change and all its values, I spent time creating a weekly schedule for myself that is broken down by days and hours. Its not much different from my Franklin Planner days, except that the breakdown is hourly and gives me time to do various tasks I want to accomplish. In my past, I was quite the extremist. I would work on something until I was exhausted or it was finished. I cannot do that now. I only have energy for shorter time frames.

I plan to set a one-hour timer on each project and work until it goes off. Stop and move onto the next part. If I actually finish a project and there is time left, I will do fill-in tasks like laundry or meal prep. Its a work in progress to change. And it is a challenge.

Today, for my quilting project, I got caught up on the BOD for the Mood Quilt project. This row is done. Then I came here to write, to blog. I want to set up my other BOMs and catch up from what I could not get to when I had that awful Stomach Virus. I will set up the pressing board again, dig out the BOM's and get ready for tomorrow.

I am learning, as I move into this new phase of life, to be more gentle with myself, to try and understand the aging process, to get over myself as one of my friends just posted, and to get on with what I can do, with what sparks joy and passion.