Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Changing Me

This new approach to transformation is both exciting and potentially exhausting. Quilting is on my schedule each morning from 9-10. Now I can start earlier if my first morning tasks are done...these are the computer tasks, some of which might dovetail into other topics, and include answering mail, checking my Facebook account, and following up with some printing or research. My goal is to set my new IPad up so I can write the historical fiction on it.

The first quilting task I set for myself, each day, is adding the BOD or block of the day to the Mood Quilt. The individual rows are a bit boring right now. My plan is to make 2 rows and then join them to the previous ones to make them easier to handle. The charts are quite clear and I have marked the dates on them so I don't loose my place. As is seen in this row, most are light beige which indicate how badly I was feeling with that stomach virus. Today starts the first square of the next row. 

Yesterday, when I set up the pressing board, I sprayed some WD40 on it to reduce the squeak when it is going up or down. This is the block for the blackwork, orange, black and white quilt. It is the last one needed and will fit on it nicely. It took me the full hour to get it cut, pieced, pressed and photographed. Done.

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