Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Admitting my Obsession

I remember signing up for a reminder email about a homemade gift exchange, so when I got one last week, I read the website again and signed up.

It goes by quickly for the month of June, and signup for this round is over. However, if you follow the link to craftaholicsanonymous blog and are interested, the next one is planned to start on November 1. You can sign up for a reminder email. The organizer runs it through another program called 'Elfster' which actually pairs the swappers. That program has its short-comings for a first-timer to navagate. AND this swap is for handmade gifts from people who make  crafts of any nature, & is not for commercial purchases. It took me several times of browsing links to get it. It might have been set up for Secret Santa events & people who buy gifts.

The person I got is called 'my draw' and after answering questions I posed to her, I learned enough to start making her gift. With only a short month to create something and get it shipped by the July 1 deadline, my guess is that the gifts will be small. My draw sends to someone else, and another person who got my name as her draw will send to me.

Risky, isn't it? Putting childhood fantasies of receiving a gift made just for you into the hands of a stranger! As the pre-schoolers say, "you git whatchu git, and you don't throw a fit!" 

If all goes the way it is supposed to happen, I will receive a homemade gift from my secret elfster after the first of July! 

We all have an important part to play in the circle of life as well as in the circles of our life. We struggle to believe in the stories we heard as children about fairness and honor, and to believe in the heroes and heroines we discovered who expressed our deepest values. Reality can be that hard-fought struggle that gets played out every time we take a risk.

We learn. We learn to trust ourselves to make our own way, to even buy our own gifts. Yet we allow others to find treasures we appreciate around us, and cannot even see within. We wait for approval and validation, forgetting to look in the mirror and simply claim it. There is no guarantee in free will, and free will is my obsession. I want free will for myself and hope I honor it in others even with all the risks.

All I have is this moment. All I ever need to be is who I am right here and now. If someone sees me and hears me, and wants to share their true self, then this is what risking is all about!