Sunday, June 1, 2014

Decide to Act

I guess the principle of the Red Cross 1st Aid classes is to help a person know what to do in case of emergency. It was a full day of seeing and listening to scary stories, scenarios you hope you never encounter. There is so much info crammed into the day that asking questions or questioning anything is not really appreciated. For instance, no kid I know will sit quietly if they have a glass fragment stuck in their arm and are bleeding profusely. But when I said that out loud, the instructor told me it was my responsibility to control those kids. Humpf...what?

Anyway, this morning, I took the one bit of yesterday's training which is "decide to act" and took stock of my storage bins. These two hold projects that are ready to machine quilt. I don't like the container covers on them because that cuts off air circulation. My machine is ready for Cody's quilt, and it will get completed through attaching the binding by machine and then go to the next set of bins ready for hand binding. 
They go into another bin in this area. One holds holiday fabrics and future projects separated with a pattern and what needs to go into the quilt and below it are where I keep larger pieces good for backing. I keep left-over batting in one bin and use the smaller pieces for things like mug rugs, and candle mats, joining larger pieces for quilts too. Most of those bins have the fold over flaps so that there is air circulation. I go into them often enough and move things around too.
This last pic is another closet where I keep more stash and have smaller containers for individual projects. Its also got a thread keeper, a ribbon box, embroidery flosses and hoops, and is a place where I keep family photo albums I work on from time to time.

My organization for my stash and projects helps me when I want to do something different that day. Every project I have going is in a particular stage.

Being selective in choosing my activities, in choosing my friends, in choosing material possessions fosters appreciation for them. I am deliberate in those selections, deliberate in steps to being organized.

Yes there are things that go bump in the night, yes there are things that go hewy-screwy with my quilting, but I am not a person who wants to focus on anything negative or scary for long. I know that crisis can happen and that our bodies are fragile. Yet, in it all, through it all, we are strong like silk thread, durable like 100% cotton, bright, glorious and varied like bolts of fabric in our stash. 

And underneath it all, we have a choice. We can decide to act and make the world a beautiful, safe place. Happy Sunday. Happy June.