Saturday, May 31, 2014

Child/Infant 1st Aid & CPR

I am headed to Bakersfield this morning for an all-day seminar in Child/Infant 1st Aid & CPR. It is a California state requirement for anyone working with children. 

Once the in-person class is taken, you can do online refresher courses. As a teacher and event planner, I've taken these classes a number of times over the years, and focused more for the adult version. You never know when an emergency will come up & sometimes having the simple know-how can save a life. I usually check with my event-team to see who knows 1st Aid. Often there is a designated person there, but again, its a good thing to know for your own household. And sometimes, an emergency situation could bring the need for more than one early responder. As you know, California is subject to earthquakes, floods and fires. 

Its a reality of life that things are rarely stagnant or happen the way we plan. Sometimes, and especially with quilting, as we move to another facet of our lives, other projects hang unfinished or un-started.

Last night I started packing for my trip back to MN/WI on June 11-25. Luggage restrictions allow one carry-on and one personal-purse or backpack. I wrapped Landi's Rising Star quilt and put it on the bottom of my carry-on. She will be so excited and on this trip, I will be able to see two of my Granddaughters receive the quilts I made for them (Baylee gets her Garden Paths at her grad party). Using those plastic travel bags, the clothes rolls nice and tight. I have a few things left to get and then I am ready.

I did decide to make a few Mug Rugs to give as hostess gifts to a few people I know are providing for my housing and travel care while I am back.  My friend Virginia sent me two packs of batik charms that she found among her Mother's things. They are so bright and summery that I think I can use them as the base for the mug rugs and use some other 2.5" strips for the top. I think I have some larger batiks for the back, and will need to go looking. I am delighted with them.

All of life's lessons, from the ones we learn in formal training or education to those we learn everyday, awaken in us an awareness that we get what we deserve and more. We can move ahead, fulfilling our part in the greater picture.

What we can do is our best, and our best is always enough.