Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Basting at the Clubhouse

A free and happy life is a work of art.

I've come to realize that if I want something beautiful, I need to give this fabric art consistent, daily attention that brings beauty into being. I can only expect a day's worth of progress from a day's worth of work.

Wednesdays have been my weekly appointment to get down to the clubhouse and use their lunchroom tables to baste my quilts. Such an easy task to lean over rather than be on the floor with them. It is also exhausting, so when I come home, I settle in with a hot cup of Earl Gray tea and relax.

Today was Landi's scrappy 4th of July quilt. This is the one that freaked me out with the bleed factor. I took a huge chance & pre-washed it with 4 Color Catchers, and nothing bled. Whew. I didn't really press it again and its ready to machine quilt, so is at my workstation. It barely fit across two tables. Patrick's is going to take 3 tables next week & a bit more time.

The other scrap quilt top I finished last night is this one made with two pieces of horizontal fabrics. I love how it evolved from the original pattern I found in the magazine. One fabric is the Santas with more holiday bird houses and the other is bird houses with some big sunflowers. I cut and pieced them for the center as well as the borders. The 5" charm squares are from my own stash and from gift packs sent to me by two friends. The burgundy frame is leftover from Tony's Mystery Quilt and the beige after that was a scrap given to me as well. The back is going to be a scrappy one and the only thing I need to buy is a darker green for binding. I was surprised how much of the horizontal fabric it took because I have other pieces that I might make into another quilt....later when I can be fresh about it. Of course, the next one will look very different because of the scraps I have that will contribute to it. This one is a perfect design, however, and deserves repeating.

I want something beautiful with what I create. Always.