Sunday, May 4, 2014

Visionaries & Dreamers

My quilting seems to start with a vision and a dream. Plans start in my thoughts and grow through my emotions long before I select fabrics and patterns. Its like wondering which comes first, the chicken or the egg, the please or the thank you.

I've been working on my Summer Mug Rug swap all week, and both finished my second version, and started on a third last night. My dreams are rather passive about it, and come to me almost unbidden as I wake in the morning or throughout the day. 

Visions, however, are more active for me and help me do whatever task is at hand. I have a vision for it and am being quite stubborn to making it come to reality.

When a dream fails, or a quilt project is not quite right in my heart and head, it maybe that what I want is wildly unrealistic or beyond my skills to create. 

Having a vision about this Mug Rug encourages me to set a realistic goal. For instance, I want this project completed so I can ship it and my Calendar block out at in the same package. I cut another group of fabrics for it last night. I also want it to look the way I see it. At this point, I don't care if its a dream or a vision. 

Its not that there was anything wrong with the first two. They are going to good homes. Its just that they did not meet my expectations.  I will keep keeping on until one of them does. Key for me is not to give up, not to become immobilized by the 'fail', if it was that. I want to see my experiences as learning opportunities and hope I learn and evolve.