Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Small Machine Quilting

I am not sure who taught me the reverence in life or when I began to see the Spirit in everyone and everything. I was lucky to have good people around me in my family like parents, grandparents, aunties & uncles. Of course they selected each other too, so having like-minded souls in a family can produce other people of spirit.

My quilts are made with loving intentions for living family members, however, I am always looking back and remembering those wonderful people who helped me follow this particular path.

This morning I am headed to the clubhouse to baste one more quilt. They are starting to pile up in my storage bins and now are ready to machine quilt. I am not pressuring myself to do more than the simple grids like the one that I started machine quilting this morning. I love the Log Cabin pattern and how different they all turn out based upon the color and fabric choices. It is still my go-to pattern and always makes me feel good to make.

As I work on these quilts, I am amazed at the sense of interconnectedness that I feel. Sometimes the struggles are simple metaphors that adversities I face are lessons in my humanity. If I can solve a problem as I quilt, I can come up with healthy solutions for decisions I face. More importantly is the the joy and sense of accomplishment and contribution that I see in the end result of a finished quilt. This too. This too is vital to the fabric art and to my soul.

Like every quilt, every person is different. I wonder if I know who they are as I work on their quilts. I wonder if they know me. We all do the best we can and that is enough.

Like Captain Picard of the Enterprise used to say....

Make it sew

And it is enough.