Thursday, May 8, 2014


Following instructions hasn't always been easy for me. In truth, it might still be something I struggle with and want to understand why I get into those places. It takes so much time to process what others say and see if I can fit into their rules... and in the end, its about opening my mind to believe in my own light rather than to operate in dysfunctional systems. I've been learning to see the bigger picture first, like seeing the finished quilt project, and then looking at the details. Both are important concepts in my life and in quilting.

I came up against another pattern that didn't have the correct information on it. Its the last block for this BOM Carol & I did this year. Carol even contacted a person and got instructions. However, they were for the larger block and I couldn't understand them. So I went ahead on my own.

It was easy to see that the pattern was missing pieces, so I did cut more and laid them out. However, not having the instructions for how to put the pieces together created another problem. I might be able to get it finished today.

The two other quilts that I am working on will show a finish for Friday if I can get the borders done today.

And speaking of patterns, I found one in the Summer 2014 edition of Fons & Porter Quilting Quickly called "Foxy" that uses a horizontal striped material. Last year, someone gave me fabric that they couldn't use because its a horizontal stripe & she couldn't figure out how to use it. The fabric has bird houses and Santas on one piece, garden houses on another and farm garden houses on a third. I read the pattern many times and have started a quilt that uses the Santas. Because of the length of the fabric, I had to calculate a bit to make other squares fit on it, but its already so cute!!!! 

I can tell I am not at the place of being able to design my own patterns. I CAN adapt what I see in a pattern to make it my own, and that is a good place to be. It seems that a person has to grow their skills and keep learning by their mistakes and even the mistakes that others make. Sometimes its so frustrating. 

I have learned not to blindly follow others, whether they are in positions of authority, or if it is written in a book or magazine and presented as truth. I know that early educators want to get the kids aligned and orderly just to manage the room. They don't often have time to cultivate curiosity or individualism at that age. When does that happen, I wonder? When do we step up into our own without fear of getting our hands slapped, or being told that we cannot make a tree with orange leaves?