Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday, Monday

Yes, I was enchanted by the music of the Mamas & the Papas, and almost every week find myself singing this song, Monday, Monday found on this link. The song was a number one hit in 1966 & was famous for the pause near the end of it. 

Mama Cass was an amazing singer and the reason the group was so popular. Her soul came out through her powerful voice. They were responsible, in part, for my life-long desire to live in California. And the songs she presented after the group broke up were life changing for me.

Paraphrasing the song, "you've gotta make your own kind of quilts, stitch your own special way, make your own kind of quilts even if nobody quilts along." I loved her version of the song, Dream a Little Dream of Me which helps me dream my quilts into reality.

When I think of the life that Cass lived back in the 60's, she made a difference for women and men by how she lived full out. She dealt with a lot of weight and health issues, did a lot of drugs which were fashionable in that era, and died young. It always seemed to me that by living her dreams, she paved the way for the rest of us. Being in the public eye often leads to criticism rather than support, rumors rather than truth.

She was one of the people I thought about when I considered my own career. It almost seems like the act of quilting is in direct opposition to being on stage. It represents a quiet way of life, one of generative spirituality for me. A dream, a vision. Does one touch generations of people or just one person at a time? I think there is quality of humanity in both ways.

I am excited to say that all three of the mug rugs I made are shipping out today in time for Mothers' Day (one for Mother and one for my Daughter-in-Law). I simply dealt with all the feelings that came up for me about them and let them go. I wanted them to look better than they did. And they are fine.

My workstation has the mystery quilt and the red-white-beige-blue quilt on it ready for another round of piecing. 

Monday, Monday, so good to me. Monday morning, it is all I hope it will be.