Monday, May 12, 2014

Magic Monday

I really love Mondays. A lot of people don't. I love Mondays, and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Fridays and the weekend. It might be that I love being active and that one day spills into the next. The important thing for me is not to stop. Its not like I have to do everything all at once, I just have to do a little bit each day to keep my enthusiasm no matter how I feel. And therefore, all the quick piece work I did yesterday, because it was a family-call day, paid off.

First of all, that last BOM block is history. Its going to get finished off, get cut down to 6.5" and placed in the wonky box for later on. THIS is the first block of the new BOM Carol and are doing. She's making hers with a SW look and I am doing mine in black & white with color. The pattern comes from Michele Foster and is the first she offers this year. It actually called for 7 fabrics, but I used the B&W one in the center for bars around the sides. I REALLY love how it turned out. My plan is to have a different focus color added to the different blocks and try to use that B&W in all 12 as the fabric that ties them all together. I pulled every scrap I had with a black foundation to use and it might be a matter of fussy cutting and placing. This quilt is already mine. Mine, I say, all mine!

Here's a teaser on Lisa's quilt. She asked for burgundy and its actually not readily available as a holiday color. The green 4-patch was supposed to be an accent and then took over! I added that small white fairy frost border and then everything went down hill for my plan. I poured over four different books that have border ideas in them and nothing was working for me. Adding the burgundy again is brilliant.

I loved this color combo and am committed to finishing quilts for Lisa & her Husband, and her Sister Sheri & her Son this year. Each of them is so different from the others its actually stimulating for me to see how they turn out. I bought a lot of fabrics for this quilt thinking it would be a Log Cabin and then changed my mind. My next step on it is another border. It will be an interesting next step.

The other quilt top I am making is that horizontal Bird-feeding Santa one. It uses up some 5"charms (I made sure nothing repeats to keep it charm status). Then I dug into my stash and found three pieces that are just enough to make more borders go around, and expand it to be a twin size. This is also a teaser picture. Its going to be such a lovely quilt, and I think goes to my younger Son this year (if I get it finished).  It made me laugh to find a number of novelty fabrics in my stash that are horizontal. I know that they will also use this pattern and make up great quilts.

Its not quite noon here and these simple successes give me renewed energy. I know that surrendering that last block didn't come easy. It got ripped apart four times when I said I would be done with it after three. It surprises me how much I still get caught up in trying to prove I can get through something very uncomfortable, very senseless. This was just a little thing, this last block of that BOM project. If Carol is right and it was a learning experience, I hope I learned to let go more significant issues of my past with a bit more ease. I hope I learned that life is too short to fight stupid battles that are not worth my time.