Sunday, May 18, 2014

Adding Articles I've Written

The last few days, I've been writing about quilt backs, and of course, because its who I am, I've been applying quilting techniques to my spiritual journey. These 'back' theories are not new to me. Many years ago, I researched the back chakras, wrote an article about what I found, and also taught several classes on them. I am including the piece called "Wind at our Backs" above in the link. Its going into my deep, and so perhaps if you are interested in those chakras, the information I have will be educational.

The quilt at my small home machine (a Singer Quilter) is Landi's Rising Star. This is the one that freaked me out with color bleed. It has simple white outlines on the white stripes, and a red serpentine stitch on the reds. 

The back, however, is that luscious tone-on-tone blue. So white or red thread on the front & blue on the back. I don't mind if an occasional blue thread pops up in front, but do NOT want white threads on the back. It was a simple matter to make the correct tension adjustments.

This brings me to the article I want to share on the Back Chakras, and how they work differently from those we know about in the front.  I know that my academic work can be pretty deep, especially for people expecting to read about quilting, so having it in the link above gives you a choice if its something you want to learn more about that is not quilting.

However, I think this is what is the important piece I want to remember when I work with the backs on my quilts. Here are a few paragraphs of what I wrote:

Back-focused Power Centers pertain to our well-being in community, and maintain links to our past, present & future. It is believed that our Front-Power Centers remain inactive until they are awakened through Yoga, conscious raising efforts or specific healing modalities.

The Back-Power Centers are active during everyday life and may be open, blocked or closed without conscious effort as a response to the environment, culture, simple life choices or by chance. It is these Power Centers at our backs that most people know the least about. Just because they are active during everyday life, without conscious effort on our parts, we can be vulnerable to a Community Energy that effects our actions in both positive and challenging ways.

Ok, and so what? Well. The more I think about it, the more I see that quilts are like the chakras on our bodies, front and back. It is the back of a quilt that most people have against their bodies when they use the quilt for warmth or comfort. The quilt owner will show off the front of the quilt. Its almost like the back is reserved for privacy....without the need for conscious effort. Warmth just is. Comfort just is. Resting / sleep just is. Healing just is. Security just is.

As the quilt-maker, and one who makes them with intent adding a prayer with every stitch, I want to be mindful of the back-power centers of each quilt. It is often not showy, and yet, as my consciousness about them evolves, the backs of my quilts have a message and deeper meaning than ever before.