Tuesday, May 6, 2014


A mystery is something difficult to explain, or gives you clues to uncover its solution. Funny thing is that with books or movies that are all about mysteries, I am just as in the dark & can never figure them out, often being surprised by the end. 

When I first attended a Mystery Quilt retreat, I hated what was happening, especially not knowing where the fabrics were going. That pattern missed a step, which of course I only discovered after the weekend. So I struggled with it for a year. I still second guess when I select fabrics, but now, just shrug my shoulders and go for it.

Since that first one, I've made several more and loved each of them. I am actually working on two right now (one is an Applique Mystery and the other was called a Spring Mystery). This is where I am with The Spring Mystery. Clearly my fabric choices were to use up more of my holiday scraps. I've already pieced the 4-patch border, so that is the next step to finishing this top. Then it goes into the 2015 finishes-bin and will go to my Great-Nephew Tony.

Yet, in many ways, much of how I quilt is a mystery. All those BOM swaps are pieces that will go onto a finished quilt and so there is no way to know how they will fit together.

And then there is life. What a big mystery it is! Everyday I wake up is a wonder. No matter what or how I plan, something could change it. And that is the joy.