Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday Baste & Rip

One cannot have wisdom without experiencing life. 

I learned a good lesson this morning. I have been using an online calculator to get the amounts of fabric needed to finish off backs and bindings. I just enter in the measurements, push a button and it calculates how much I need. Its pretty slick. I think there are a number of free apps you can find for this task.

Today was Patrick's quilt, the one called Snowy Roads. It laid across THREE lunch room tables to fit for taping down. What I didn't factor into the back is that it is a directional print, so rather than measuring the two pieces again, I just brought them in for basting. 

I ended up ripping the seam for one row of blocks as well as the border. It will make the quilt a little less square and a bit more rectangular looking, which is fine too. 

I am just sort of laughing at myself for 'knowing' what I was doing, and still keeping on with it without making the correction first. And actually, even though I made that choice, it wasn't a mistake. Either way, the quilt row and border would have had to come off. At least with the tables, it made it easier to pull up a chair and rip away. 

Here is a link to a musical thought about all this. When will we ever learn? with Pete Seeger. I guess the complexities of life, of quilting, even of math teach me wisdom. And becoming wise is just another step on the path to success.