Thursday, May 29, 2014

What Goes Around

A very ancient Greek play (from 317 BC), Dyskolos, is the earliest recorded history for the concept of Pay-It-Forward. A character in the play, Sostratos, argues that wealth imposes upon its owner a responsibility to act nobly and to make rich as many people as you can by your own efforts: For this act never dies.  The play's key theme is "what goes around comes around", and by acting nobly now, one may, in a future moment of need benefit from someone else's kindness. I think it is also a way to be grateful for what you have and share that abundance.

This is the last of the P-I-F's I offered on Facebook during Winter (I have one P-I-F offered from my blog that is nearing completion...the back on it will be my Mystery Quilt project in June & the front of it was an Applique Mystery Quilt). 

The simple diagonal grid quilted on this one works for me.  I don't usually make an entire quilt as a P-I-F project, however, the recipient of this one is a special friend. Years ago, I made him one of those 2-sided tied fleece blankets that he has dragged around and loved to shreds. 

I've got plans to offer another P-I-F towards the end of Summer so that, first, I can make enough progress on the family quilts for Winter Solstice gifts. Each of these P-I-F projects is like an opportunity for me to practice the art. They give me an opportunity to use up my stash scraps, and to try new-for-me quilting techniques. Also, I am more gentle with myself too about what I make for these projects.

I know that the concept can be taken two ways, however, for me, its an act of gratitude for all I've had in this lifetime. When I consider the wealth in my life, I look around at my gardens and see the flourish of green plant life and all those stones I harvested as part of the rock gardens here. I see so many birds flock to the feeder outside my window. I look at the bins of fabric given to me by many friends, and I pay attention to all aspects of my well-being. Of course I am wealthy in all those ways. Of course I am grateful. 

Of course I pay it forward.