Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's New Here

I've changed a few things on my blog. 

There is a contact form on the side bar if you want to communicate something with me about what I've written or just want to chat. The email form is a new gadget. I did a test to see how it worked, & it went directly to my email & does not show up here, so is for more private communication from you to me. I'd love to hear from you and will answer your email.

Then on the bottom of each post is a "reaction" check list for three different responses you might have to my posts letting me know if you (1) enjoyed my spiritual insights, (2) if you can relate to what I've posted, and (3) if you really are here for the quilting information. Its anonymous so you can freely check one or all the boxes without anyone knowing who you are.  

For those of you who know me & for those of you getting to see who I am, you know that I seem to find spirit in everything I do. Being spiritual isn't the same as having a religion or being a member of a specific church or religion. Its deeper for me. Everyone has a spirit they can tap into.

And I quilt. Its a relatively new pastime for me and one that I started as a way to express "generative" spirituality in contemplation, which simply means creating something that you pass on to family & something that connects your spirit.

I am soon headed off to baste my Nephew-in-Law's quilt at the clubhouse. Its a bit bigger and will take 3 tables. I am bringing my camera. I will make another post about it later today.