Monday, May 26, 2014

Last Monday in May

I have always loved history, and am quite connected to the ancestors in my family and among my friends who have passed on. This is a national holiday to honor those who have served. The history of its origin and also the origin of the Old Guard who keeps watch over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is amazing.

As I worked on Landi's Rising Star quilt, the pattern being one of many that quilters use as Quilts of Valor, I could not help but think of her love for the 4th of July (coming soon) and how our family celebrates by participating in local parades and other events. We tend to celebrate each other all summer.

Moreover the colors of red-white-blue spark a sense of patriotic respect for service men and women. Its not just the people who are actively serving that I want to remember, but also honoring those left behind who wait for their return. This quilt pattern is striking because of the red and white stripes on it as well as the two kinds of stars. I loved making this.

Landi's quilt is completely finished and rather than wait for her December birthday, I'm sending it back to her now. She will love it for the colors, and for our connection.

If I have learned anything in life, its to take the moment and share love while you can. Waiting to tell someone that you love them is risky. Honoring someone's work or service is also meant for the living.