Saturday, May 3, 2014

So Glad to be Alive

Sunrise is coming earlier now each day and its a time of day that I have always loved. This morning, as I woke, I could hear birds chittering outside, and that made me smile. The longer I stayed in bed, the more I thought about the various quilt projects as works in progress (WIP), and what I wanted to do next. Up, up, up, even on Saturday.

Last night, I finished the 9" BOM that Carol (my local quilting friend) & I are doing. One more block to complete & we are onto the next BOM quilt for this year. I've saved out fabrics used on these blocks for making borders. It should come together as a nice sampler quilt.

As I laid in bed thinking about this day, it seemed to me that life is also like the soil in my gardens outside. It offers potential, however, I have to do work to get it going or keep it going. Everything I do becomes a WIP (work in progress) or a UFO (unfinished object). What makes the difference between the two is my intention and attention. I ask myself whether I want to do the work or finish what I started or give it up and away. At this stage in my life, I am no longer interested in holding onto things that do not serve my greater good.

My efforts are what make the difference in the quality of life that is mine. Every day, I chose to wake up, chose to smile in spite of any pain I might feel in my body, my mind or soul. Every day is mine to feel gratitude or resentment, joy or fear. 

I worked on the Summer Mug Rug last night too, and its ready for binding today, so it can get shipped out on Monday. The concept for it is still something I like, but the execution of it still needs work for it to be a 'wow' creation. Somethings are like that, and in fact, its a good thing for me to want to do better. Its a great reason to wake up in the morning!