Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Handling Quilting Conflicts

Something always comes up in quilting that I didn't cause and can't always control. I am learning that I can bring about a cure or make a correction. Patchwork is all about making something of the scraps other people (including myself) leave behind.

I order more online these days because I live an hour away from the bigger cities and it takes at least $15 in gas, plus the travel time out of my day. Several weeks ago, I ordered 6 yards of blue tone-on-tone fabric for the back of Landi's quilt. What they sent me were two pieces cut at 2 yard and 4 yard sections. What I really needed was two pieces cut at 3 yards each. When I called to discuss this issue, the fabric was out of stock and I could return what I had for a credit. However, it meant re-ordering at full price. And waiting. The other option is that they gave me a $5 credit & I could keep what was delivered. 

I took that offer, kept the two pieces and started re-calculating how to make it work. One corner was short, because the fabric was also not cut on the grain and was crooked! I had to work hard to straighten the cut and make the fabric reach and lay right to the other sides. Not a lot of wiggle room, but there it was. The binding helped cover a couple of places where I had pieced it. 

I do not usually label my quilts but use a fabric pen and write on them. This label covers the seam correction I made in that corner and serves the quilt in style on the front with the stripes and colors. 

When I think about other instances in my life where I have been dealt with the choices of others that maybe didn't serve my greater good, I know I stepped away for a moment to see what it was I could do. 

We live in a human network and when we live in healthy ways, we give those around us the right and responsibility to chose. And we do evolve differently. Some of us are more advanced, some of us less advanced or learned. The choices of others on us are not always easy. But then, we have a choice in how we respond and negotiate. We can be the victim or we can survive and thrive through it all.

I'm not sure the $5 credit was enough for all I went through to make the fabric work. What I learned from the experience is that the next time I order material for a back, I will order it in the segments I actually need. In this case, I could have ordered two pieces of 3 yards each because that would have made the back according to the pattern requirements. The price would be the same and I could be sure to have the right cuts.

I need to be clear on whatever I want so that the other person understands me. Maybe it will reduce one of the quilting conflicts. Maybe clear communication has a good ripple effect.