Saturday, May 17, 2014

Another Mystery Quilt

While the swaps are often about learning to listen to one another so that each partner gets some needs met, quilting remains a more solitary experience if you let it. I've learned that I am responsible for getting my needs met and that starts with creating clear communication. If I don't tell others or put it out in the universe, it means everyone has to become a mind reader, and moreover, I don't get my needs met. What a simple lesson.

The online quilting group I belong to has two more Mystery Quilt projects for this year, and one just started for June. I have a lot of quilting projects started and going. At first, I shook my head thinking about doing yet another quilt. The pull to join this one is that its just a month long.

Then I realized that all my quilts need backs. This pic shows the beginning quilting lines on one I am currently working with. Its a tone on tone green, yet shows every stitch. (Again, this is just tossed on a chair and would be smoother looking over a bed or couch.)

The first part of any Mystery Quilt pattern is to select the fabrics. As I considered joining this time, I decided that I have enough fabrics to make backs for two quilts that I am working on. This pattern builds borders that will extend the back to any size that will fit with the front.

I am in a sort of self-partnership as I quilt and need to listen to myself, to my own needs, to make a clear assessment of what is in my stash, and shop first in my own storage bins. Part of my needs with all this fabric is to use it up and keep thinking of possibilities. Its that concept of 're-use, re-purpose, re-cycle'.

There is nothing wrong with the solid look back on a quilt. I've been doing that with most of my quilts and only made a handful of them with creative backs. This is stepping up the game to create another quilt with a definite new pattern for the backside. It shouldn't out-shine the front design, but can take on a new look that either coordinates or complements the front.

As I practice listening to myself, it seems like the same concept I use with others. I want to listen without making negative comments; when I comment, I want to say things that are positive, supportive and affirming.

For a time, it looks like its about focusing on the backs of my fabric art. More tomorrow. I am already thinking of more.