Saturday, June 7, 2014

No Small Task

When I pulled out three of my fabric bins to organize, it was no small task. And already, it seems like I worked against having the pieces all cut, marked and set into the size system when I took out some pieces to make another mug rug.

Its amazing that the jumble of fabrics folded into three of the bins & now fit into one. Everything is tied with the selvage edges ripped from larger pieces before I used them. Everything is colored too from light to dark.

I got to thinking that while I did find the sizing for all the pieces, I didn't know how many pieces went into them for sale  in the stores.

  • A Dessert Roll is 20-25 different fabric pieces that are cut 5" wide and Width of Fabric (WIF) long. Some fabric manufacturers stopped selling them, but I did find a pattern I want so I can use these up and make a back for a quilt.
  • A Jelly Roll is 40 different fabric pieces cut 2.5" wide and WOF
  • A Charm Pack is 40 different fabric pieces cut 5" square WOF
  • A Mini Charm Pack is 42 different fabric pieces cut 2.5" square
  • And the Layer Cakes Pack is 40 different fabric pieces cut 10" square
There are abundant choices for quilt patterns that use these sizes, and the ones for sale in the stores are really sold as seasonal promotions for the fabric lines.

As I looked at what I cut and organized, it came to me that these are wonderful scraps that I can use and make as quilt backs. All I need to do is get a coordinating fabric from the front design and use it as sashing or borders, and be able to use up what I have.

It takes a lot of work, thought and planning to use what I have. I think I have been mindful of so many ecological issues for my life. I compost my kitchen veggie cuttings, I use up the dregs of household products before buying something new. That sort of thing. So it makes such sense to find uses for fabric scraps.

My next task is to go through all the small bags with smaller scraps and decide if I can use them or if they need to be given away to someone who can. I put all of them into a bin, and at least they are in one spot.

Preparing for my trip back to MN/WI next week is really a top priority for me right now. I want to finish loading the dream pillows with the Lavender and sew up the seams on them. And I want to make sure I have the mug rugs finished as well. 

The tasks awaiting my touch fill me with anticipation and joy. I am not a procrastinator and so each seems like an opportunity for growth. I really like being this organized even though I can create chaos in a New York Second and I often will change my systems if I think something else will work better. Change is delightful!