Monday, April 23, 2018

Daily Mood Quilt

One of the groups I am in is hosting a daily block for moods. What i do is decide my morning mood, select a 5" charm from the box and either add it uncut or as a HST. It takes commitment to log in the mood. I have a shoebox filled with leftover charm squares that I decided to use for this project.

I also decided to use the finished piece for a back on one of the other quilts I am working on. The designer did a great job creating the pattern and by the time it is finished, it will have 365 blocks as well as the border strips. 

My moods are not really relative to the fabrics as much as simply using these cut squares in something. It is the fabric I pick up that signals to my brain that yes, this is what you are feeling today. However, really, the choices are more about what I pick up from the box and the colors that I originally assigned to various moods. For instance, if I am feeling gloomy, I might pick a gray or a beige. Cheery might be a pastel or something bright. Then, I look at what is in the box. Now that I am getting closer to mid-year, I want to take some of the cut triangles so they don't get scrapped even more.

There is a diaper ad that shows the difference between how a first-time parent reacts to various things the baby does and then how they react to the second or third child. I think that this project is like having a third child. I have learned piecing techniques and also know that with scrap quilting, the more colors and fabrics in a piece, the less it has to coordinate. 

Everything suddenly fits together.