Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sorting Scrap Bins

It is much easier to sort for projects. I pull things out and toss back the pieces that surrounded it or didn't make the audition. It gets messy. 

Well, in my 'sit still' days, sorting keeps me busy. A sorted box or bin doesn't look like much in a photo, but it is very helpful during any selection process.

While I am REALLY tried of not being active, it also filters into what I can do. I am sure it is a low-grade depression setting in. Nothing appeals to me. Everything hurts when I take the most simple of actions.

This is such a different place for me to be. My life has been one of extreme action and now its' not. I am not whining as much as I am stating the facts and hoping like h-e-double toothpicks that it will shift soon. And if it doesn't, then what?