Friday, June 3, 2016

Batting Dust Bunnies

OMGoddess! Batting Dust Bunnies gather so often that it is hard to keep ahead of them. I washed the floor in here, swept, and vacumned. 

And admittedly, I stash so much (papers to file, patterns, magazines, etc.) in baskets and shelves that also get out of hand. So, while I am hand sewing binding, I decided not to really start anything new nor move what I have to another stage. This is it before my flight to MN. It will be wonderful to come home to a clean studio and be ready to start up with a sense of renewal.

And not starting anything new lasted for that NY second. I was a sucker for the house mug rug pattern, and made two more of them in patriotic colors. Hmm. I am not sure I like them as much as the chevron mug rug pattern I made for my Aunties. I've got two of that style cut out in a patriotic theme. It is all about the fabric choices. Few people decorate for the 4th of July.