Thursday, June 23, 2016

Return, Return, Return

While I am back from my trip physically, there are endless things to do here to really be back. The first day I spent just touching my home base again. As good as it is to see people I love, it is good to be home in my own bed, walking my own rooms and just being here.

There was a lot of road work going on so a lot of detours and blocks to navigate. Familiar fabric stores had closed, yet I found a JoAnn's and bought three pieces to remake a Bird Quilt. I am keeping the badly wrinkled one and this one is in grays and has a pink focus. I also bought a new seam ripper. Those blades get mighty dull.

It was fun seeing most of my family members and some friends. Two weeks went speeding by and for as much time as I spent with people, it seemed not enough.

My phone dropped into the toilet, yet the SIM card was ok to get off saved numbers. I am still learning the new IPhone and need to get into ATT&T for more instructions. I have a list.

And so I bought some thank you notecards and have started addressing/stamping the envelopes. 

My Grandson asked for a dream pillow. He wants the Lavender inside with stuffing so it smells good. This is PinkSheep, which is a Lego-related product in something called Minecraft. It is a popular item for those 10-year-old boys. Needless to say it is a challenge to create in the soft 'furry' pink fabric. I will do what I can and he will probably love it.

I did learn that he 'needs' more quilts. Everyone steals his when he is not looking. AND he had me label the one I sent last year with the name 'Kevin' on it. It has a Cardinal focus. Kevin is a multi-colored bird that is hunted in a movie called UP. Kids. You never know. It took me a little conversation with him to find out who Kevin was. They had the movie, so he sat me down to watch it so I could understand. Ohhhhhh.

So from this young boy, I learned about PinkSheep, about Kevin, and that this youngster NEEDS another quilt.