Thursday, June 30, 2016

Border Solution

What I thought about as I woke this morning is the saying that 'the race is not to the swift but to those who keep on running'.

Without enough to finish off the top and bottom border, I took a chance by making a 9-patch for each corner. I had more blue stripe but not enough pink to make it happen. I ripped some pieces and then had enough small squares of the pink for the 9-patches. I know that if I stop going on a project and put it away, that when I take it out again, it will frustrate me even more than when I left it.

This is going to be one wild quilt, living up to its name of Wild Cats. It took a bit of planning to get it to come out ok because I do not have a pattern to follow. I did decide to buy more of the black with white dot for binding just to carry it through. And I have no idea how the back will work and must wait until the top is done and has a final measurement. 

Personally, I like the bright, bright colors and appreciate that I had two pieces of Kaffe Fasset to use in it. I bought some to use in that 12 Days of Christmas swap I was in last year and had to make a minimum purchase, so kept the extra fabric that didn't go in the swap. The other piece I have is a floral in those colors that is planned for the final border. 

Tomorrow is First Friday and one of the fabric stores offers FQs at half price. I also have a $20 punch card that must be redeemed at one time, so I can shop away. Rolling my eyes, because I just spent $80-some dollars online this morning to get batting and some fabric for a holiday project. Quilting is not cheap.