Friday, July 1, 2016

Joined a Class

When I walked into the fabric store, my intention was to buy the black and white fabric for the binding on the Wild Cats quilt. I did.

All I have left of the pink were these two very small strips. Talk about using what is in the closet!  I wait for the batting now that the top is finished. I will look at putting the back together with what pieces are left. (What was she thinking? is still the question at hand.) Whew, whatever it was, I lucked out. Still. A very good example of writing those notes-to-self so that anyone can pick up any project and take it to completion.

Meanwhile I have an appointment at the clubhouse on Tuesday to baste the Peppermint Kisses.

Progress is flying for those FB14 projects too, and I will soon be done. My Grandson requested the PurpleShep pillow and I got the pieces cut and will machine quilt them onto white and hand stitch the white to a purple pillow form that I laced with Lavender flowers as a dream pillow.

My younger Son suggested that I make a quilt for his school friend who was always at our home when they were growing up. 

At first I thought I would make a traditional Log Cabin, but when I walked into the fabric store, I found this quilt advertising a class for Saturday, July 9. Looking closely, it IS a Log Cabin variation. I ordered the MN Wild Hockey Team fabric for the border, and have plenty of scraps. The pattern came with the template, and I bought the background fabric. It measures 58" square with the border, so I plan to add extra blocks to make it rectangular and useful as a lap quilt.

Once I figure out how the back will work on Wild Cats, I can start cutting the pieces to get ready for class. I am super excited about this and can see that it will be a scrap-buster type of project. The pattern says it takes 6 hours. The class is 10-2 on a week from Saturday.