Monday, July 18, 2016

Mental Quilting

When you think of it, most things do start as we think, what we think. I suppose that planning anything means we have to dream, to imagine, to recall what worked and what didn't. It is so for me as I quilt.

The quilts I am working on right now are the wrap-up to the family project (every family member gets a quilt) I started so long ago. One of the Bird Quilt backs got so wrinkled that I decided to keep it and do another, however, doing another one means embroidering 15 blocks for it each with a state bird/flower. Each block takes a week to do, so in my thinking process, I decided to hold off giving them to the Grands until next year. I want them to all go out at the same time.

HERE is the rub. The Grandson's family was going to get three quilts this year: His, my Son and his Partner. 

The choice was to either rush with a Bird Quilt or come up with an easier quilt for the Grandson. I found this link for a fleece quillow and think this is the perfect way to go. 

I can make it for the PurpleShep theme he likes right now, and the quillow itself is easy to take wherever he goes.This is the Exploding PurpleShep logo and would be easy to replicate for the pillow envelope.