Thursday, July 14, 2016

Special Characters

Special Characters. Not people we meet or know, but those on a sewing machine. I saw this set-up before buying the machine, and have tried a couple of times to use it, reading the manual and doing a practice run...well several actually.

I know it can work to make labels if I can ever figure it out. Evidently, it will save a letter in memory because it is a computer-generated function. AND it stitches vertically rather than horizontally. It is a challenge for me to wrap my head around the steps that are involved. I learn much better when someone shows me.

The text I want to do is simple enough. 
      For Jane
      2016 - Red
      From Bellezza 

Three lines. 8-10-13 / letters with spaces. There is red thread on white. Well, I have until mid-November to figure it out.