Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Small Things

Binding this Wild Cats quilt is taking longer because, even with the AC, its hot under the quilt.

I did finish the Hallows Mug Rug for a swap. The upper most photo is the top and the lower pic is the back. Again, the top was made from scraps from one of those Lil Twister quilts I made last year. All of it, actually is scrappy.

Here is the embroidery project that came with me to MN in June. Of course, they need to have borders, batting and backs to finish them off as a project. I used an iron-on transfer paper that was printed from the computer. It washes off and this was a test. It passed! I love it and plan to use it when I re-do one of the Bird Quilts.

I am off to the clubhouse this morning to layout and cut a tied fleece comforter. While the temps keep rising here, and there are fewer projects with a deadline, I want to keep going on them. I am also doing some paper crafting for Hallows swaps. I will take photos as I go. My hand is shaking too much to use the IPhone and am back to the old Kodak.