Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Early Delivery

It was a sweet surprise to get the MN Wild focus fabric a couple of days early. I just bought more of the tone-on-tone background fabric so was able to cut for the extra 3 blocks. I cut only two strips each for the color part.

I also made an appointment at the clubhouse to work on the Wild Cats quilt next week. I want to tie this one and am using poly batting. My younger Son loves the feel of these kinds of quilts and so I did get a high loft version.

The making of binding is an interesting process, and the word itself has many meanings on so many levels.

With quilt binding, I cut 2.5" strips, join them, roll the joined strips into a ball, then pin on the right side of the quilt for sewing. This part will be done yet today. The hand sewing takes longer; usually a night or two while I watch a video.

This one has a working name that doesn't please me and so I have been spending time considering all sorts of phrases with the word 'red' in them. Hopefully, the name will come and I can make a label for it.