Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Small Squares Quilt

The swirly pattern quilt that I took the class for is made of 6" altered log cabin squares. That means logs that are 1.25" and 1.75" width. And then they are cut in three rounds with the template to give them that swirly look. As long as they are the same, however they come out, it will give them a uniform look to piece them the same, to trim them the same. It may not be the same as the pattern because I changed the number of joined blocks to enlarge it. They will fit together.

I laugh at myself now, because the pattern said it would take 6+ hours. Hah! I spend at least that every day I work on it and am in the PLUS portion of the project time frame.

It seems that every scrap quilt is a mystery quilt because its chance-y from beginning to end to make it work. I can imagine, go from past experience, and yet, the outcome is TBD. It is important to get in the game and do the best possible. 

Right now, all my quilting is about just doing it.