Thursday, July 28, 2016

Finishes for Two

Many people like those fleece throws and some call them quilts. I suppose they are, and have made several over the years.

Among all the friends & family I saw, when I was back in MN for two weeks in June, I met two new members, one of whom is my eldest Granddaughter's Beau. Nice man. Very sensitive. Empathic. He was wearing a Twins Teeshirt and hat, so we had a mini discussion about MN sports. He is a devoted fan.

I looked at MLB fleece, finding the Twins pattern and bought a safe dark blue for the backside. It took 2 1/2 hours to layout the fleece, cut the selvages, pin it, cut the strips and tie them twice. Thing is, that is all there is to this throw. Done.

Then I finished Jer's Wild Cat quilt. Well, it needs a label, but is finished. I was given two panel prints & some supplemental fabrics for a project someone thought they would make and never got to it. It sat in my stash as I wondered what to do with it. I found a panel pattern and had to add two side panels to make it the required width for the pattern so that the top, bottom and side borders would fit. Of course it is scrappy. Then I added a small black border to separate colors and continued with that pattern for the last border.

After spending time in my younger Son's home, two things were apparent: One that he liked Cats and has two; Two that he loves the quilts I make and remembers the kind he had as a kid.

The backside of this quilt is made by cutting the length of the horizontal print in half and joining it. I took more of the black with white dots and extended sides so it would be a correct fit for the front. It also carries out the extension that was needed for the front panel. After trimming the sandwich, there was enough black with white dot print to make the binding and make it more coordinated. It was hot to work under, but the heat is what he will love.