Sunday, July 3, 2016

I am ready

All the cutting is completed for class on Saturday. Tomorrow,  the 4th of July is a New Moon in Cancer, which brings to us all this sense of calmness and compassion. I feel that in the moment.

I put the various cut pieces in baggies to keep them clean and contained. And then put the baggies and folder with the pattern (and a copy) in a basket to take with me. Like all quilting classes, we bring our sewing machines and any supplies like rippers, scissors, thread on bobbins and a clean machine. I had calculated how much fabric needed for the background and got to the very end of it. The color strips came from my stash, and I did save extra pieces of fabric in case I need more. That part was an estimate or eyeballed. Most likely, there will be leftovers.

I've been thinking about a back for this and may resort to using a plain muslin. It is going to be intricate, and using anything too complex on the back would diminish the effect of the top.

Today, however, I need to spend time finishing the PurpleShep pillow for my Grandson so that it can get shipped to him on Tuesday when the PO opens. He is excited for it and texts me several times each day, probably when he first wakes up. I am glad for the electronic connection.

Sunglasses were not wanted on the PinkSheep Pillow when I first made it last week. Its in his hands now and a request for sunglasses came up. Measurements are 'about 3-4" wide. Wait. What? How will they get attached even if I can figure out how to make them? This is a Lego-like stuffed pillow, and who is going to sew the glasses ON??? I looked at the graphics again, and the lense parts each have a Lego-like design in them that I do not know how to replicate. Jeeze.