Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wild Cat Binding

Working on this quilt brings me joy.

Most of the fabric (both sides are panels) was given to me, some comes from my stash, and the black with white dots I bought to supplement the concept. It is for my younger Son who really loved this style as a kid. When his Son was born, he asked if I would be making them again. When I visited with him this summer, I saw how much use all the quilts get in his home. I also saw how valued the furbabies are there. And remembering that I had this fabric with the cat theme, I realized it would be perfect for him. I found a pattern online that used panels for the front part and used that as a guideline, making my own version. Then, the back needed to fit the front and so I carried out the way I used the B&W on the front for an extension of that fabric. I almost think the original buyer wanted to make a baby or youth quilt. Most recommendations say to make the back a good 3" beyond the measurement for the topper, and in doing so, there was enough after tying to make the binding.

With as hot as it is here in Southern Cali, my AC is on. I worked in my Northern Garden early this morning to clear out dead plant material and pull what weeds I could. It was exhausting. So a nap under the yet-to-be-finished quilt was a natural. I do not usually use the quilts I make. This one is going to be warm.

I remember how my Sons wrapped themselves up in quilts and usually they were worn out and ready for replacements the following year.

I also recalled how my Grandson begged for another because "everyone steals" his. This is a FB photo of one of the cats in Jake's Santa quilt after a bath. This one is poly batting and tied, so gets lots of washing.
Some folks have issues with pets using quilts. I do not. When I had the Wild Cat quilt on my bed to measure for binding and left it there, my own cat Rico found it right away.

I am always sensitive to people who have allergies to cats and make sure if I am making a quilt for one of them to keep it away from cat contact. I keep the WIP quilts in plastic bags in covered bins and will close the door to my studio when working on it. He has no access to the inside of closets. AND the room gets vacuumed daily. It is the best I can do with a cat in the house.