Saturday, July 30, 2016

Binding for Heart of the Piano

For as strong a faith as I have, there are times when I find it hard to believe in positive outcomes for our world and the people in it. I want to believe, and someday I will again. There is this fear factor out in the world. Fear that the wrong person will get elected. Fear that everything one has will be lost. Fear. It is more contagious than Love. And why is that?

This year, my quilting theme is BE THE LOVE YOU SEEK. Love is the answer for fear. And yet fear holds us by the throat and even when it lets go, we remember how it felt. Love is what feels good, and fear makes us think we will loose love, never have love or that we don't deserve it.

This is one of the FB14 projects I have been working on. It needs to have binding finished, a label put on and loose threads clipped for a once over before getting shipped to its new owner. It uses the larger of the Twister templates and lots of scraps. I am enjoying the colors in this quilt. Red with white and black really speak to my heart.

I've started the Row of the Month quilt too. The author of the quilt pattern lives in Australia and reports that this has been their heaviest Winter rain in years. As a result, the first row is made with Umbrellas. It makes me smile because we sure could use the rain here in Southern Cali.