Tuesday, July 12, 2016


One thing the instructor said was to work on this quilt for a few days after getting home so we would remember the process. Its like putting something into body memory.

I spent the day, first calculating how much more was needed if the quilt were to go 3 blocks wide by 4 blocks long. It was already extended 3 wide, so there is only need for 3 more blocks to finish off the bottom and make it the perfect size for a lap quilt. First I cut more red center squares and then looked for coordinating fabrics to add to the logs on all blocks. The focus fabric is scheduled for a Friday delivery and I will need to buy more background fabric. Both are needed for the blocks so I don't want to do a lot on the project until both are in the house.

What I did do was to add the first 2 logs to both the background center and the color center, and then sorted the colors into lengths. My guess is that there will be some waste because the pattern uses FQs or yardage rather than scraps.

It is a bundle of pieces at this stage. I feel like my life is like that right now too. Pieces. Pieces with parts. Pieces with potential. And so it means being clear with myself, organizing once and then again.

My computer geek is coming tomorrow to look at the set up here. The router channel need changing or replacing to get the house off a channel that has high traffic. I need him to look at the state of the Mac because (whine here) I love my Mac. This SmartTV is a shit-storm to try and use. And the little PC laptop with 10 loaded on it is...well, not the Mac. And while my new phone is so much better than what I had, my expectations for what it can do might be too high.