Sunday, July 31, 2016

Working, working, working

I subbed the black thread for red and finished a holiday Twister quilt that had no designation. I am in a 13 Days of Halloween swap that it is going in for the final gift. Twelve were more Halloween seasonal, however, the last gift gets opened ON Halloween if my partner saves it.

Either way, the 60" square quilt is on its way to a new home. This one seems a bit busy for me and I like them bright, so hopefully the partner I get will be ok with it in her home. This is a good size to toss over a chair or take a nap under whenever the desire takes hold. The binding is machine sewn on and I thought I was going to hand sew the binding, however, my clips are on the Heart of the Piano quilt. It needs to be finished first.

I put away the paper projects for now and am headed to the Ocean again in the early morning. I do plan to stop at JoAnn's on the way home to pick up a few things