Saturday, July 23, 2016

Halloween Banner Swap

I am not sure what I am doing yet with the new electronics in my home. I downloaded them from my IPhone to the PC, and also uploaded them here from the phone, yet they do not post. I sent them via email and saved them to the desktop and still they will not post. I am going on with this blog. If the pics come, great, if not, oh well


I cut a length of 90"+ for the rope, had knots put on either end of it and then cut 150 strips of Halloween fabrics 1"x9". Those were folded in half with right sides out, and then the ends were looped over the rope and through the fabric loop to make the tassel.

The tassel banner hangs with a loop over my biggest window. It took me very little time to knot the fabric pieces over the rope. When I put up the swap, I gave three types of banners to choose from. One was printables, one was sewing and this one was a no-sew option. I had so many scraps that would have been tossed so opted to make this.

The pattern instructions for it are found at:

And then with the leftover burlap with spiders, I made a bag to hold it in and found a box for mailing.

I am still not happy with my photos nor have I figured out how to get them onto the blog. These got emailed and downloaded to the desktop. Its a learning process and I am simply whining about not having my IMac.