Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ok..a New Mystery Quilt

I've joined a new Mystery Quilt. This one is a Row By Row BOM mystery. I have wanted to do a RBR for a long while and tried on my own.

Several things about this one caught my attention. 1. Row by Row; 2. Scrappy; 3. Row of the Month (like a block of the month BOM only in rows); 4. The intentional focus or theme is SEASONS; 5. We work from our stash to make each row.

The first thing the facilitator had us do was to gather at least 200+ squares cut 2.5". I did that and it barely touched using contents in the box in my stash. There is a joy in using these because of the long hours I have spent cutting this and other sizes just for this purpose.
The facilitator told participants to start saving for this and I feel so ready to start!

The entire process for making the quilt has me giddy!