Monday, July 4, 2016

Another FB14 Finish

I feel almost on hold waiting for my basting appointment at the clubhouse on Tuesday. I am taking in two projects. 

Its like gaining personal freedom and being able to choose whenever I take the next step. One of the prices of freedom is being able to name our slavery. I know I dig my heels in when I am faced with being honest about this. I have deep habits and compulsions for doing what I do and resisting change.

I finished this scrappy holiday table runner for one of the FB14 who signed up saying they would like something for the holidays. This friend is also a quilter, and I was surprised she wanted a quilted item from me. When I found this table runner pattern, it seemed perfect. Scrappy and a little different. I was able to use some of my metal buttons for the flower centers.

Where this project comes in regarding freedom of choice and recognizing where I am held captive is in resisting the finish, resisting making anything that goes to a quilter who would SEE mistakes or anything 'less than perfect'. I will need to find a shipping box that the 3D poinsettias will fit into and do have enough time.

Let freedom ring for sure. Let all the things that hold us captive be healed as we take our next steps in protest of change.

Change is inevitable. 
Except for vending machines.