Saturday, July 2, 2016


While it is exciting to think of using more of my stash and shopping from my closet, the process is as exhausting as shopping in a store, if not more so. Scrap quilting is adaptive and thought-provoking.

The one bin of uncut scraps is thinning out as they get used. Cut scraps, designated by sizes, get pulled for specific reasons. What I needed today is the equivalent of 12 brighter FQs. These stacks in the picture are my choices toward cutting for the class project, and if more is needed, then I will go into the cut container. I will 'eyeball' what I have in color against what I cut for the background. They are supposed to have a balance in the quilt. 

It actually took me about 45 minutes just to sort and press my selections, and if I had simply gone into the fabric store, I might have gathered those 12 FQs in less than 15 minutes. 

Cutting needs to be spot on because pieces are so thin at 1.25" and 1.75" with 1.5" squares for the centers. The pattern says this is a 6-hour project. Hmm.  Would it be different if everything was new from the store?